Zoo Sindang, Hidden Mystique Filled With Zodiac Cocktail Bar In Seoul!

zoo sindang seoul

In this article we will share to you the information about Zoo Sindang, the mystique hidden cocktail bar filled with zodiac vibes in Seoul. Let’s dig in.

Zoo Sindang Seoul

zoo sindang seoul

Credit to @yawoo88

If you are a night owl who love to be around in the night and assemble with your night owl mates as you travel Seoul, then this might be perfect for you. Zoo Sindang is a zodiac theme cocktail bar that definitely will give you one of a kind nightlife experience in Seoul.

Hidden Entrance

zoo sindang seoul

Credit to @your_you_ni

While the exterior looks of this bar looks like a small old vintage temple, the truth is that they have a hidden amazing interior design.

Many people has come and go without even noticing that this is a cocktail bar, thus many people just walk by without realize a hidden gem inside this looks-like rundown temple.

Mystique Vibes

zoo sindang seoul

Credit to @beeeeestory

As you get in to the Zoo Sindang zodiac bar, you will felt as if you’re teleported to an unknown universe. It’s like a narnia experience where you just teleported to another dimention, filled with a colorful zodiac, lanterns and lights all around you.

zoo sindang seoul

Credit to @lee.nini_

The interior looks very oriental and filled with mystique astrological elements and ornaments, which just give you a unique drink experience.

zoo sindang seoul

Credit to @se_ryeongyi

You will see a real fish swimming above you inside an actual tank hanging above your head. If you prefer to sit on the second floor, then you will see the fish even up close.

Zodiac Cocktails

zoo sindang seoul

Credit to @amumatparty

Zoo Sindang, as it named suggest, is a zoo  ‘zodiac’ themed cocktail bar that serve a custom based cocktail based on each individuals zodiac sign. The zodiac based on lunar calendar and the famous chinese culture.

zoo sindang seoul

Credit to @charrrrrrrrreat

You will see a little show of a talented bartenders as they make your cocktails right in front of you and how the cocktail just change in color just like magic.

zoo sindang seoul

Credit to @juu2ee

While you might think this must be an expensive cocktail bar, the truth is that they’re quiet affordable compare to most of cocktail bar in Seoul. The signature cocktails price start at KRW 15,000.

zoo sindang seoul

Credit to @yumy__2

Other than drinks, the menu is also based on zodiac signs, which makes it easy for you to just order your random menu based on your zodiac.

Zoo Sindang

zoo sindang seoul 0

Credit to Frameweb

Address: 411 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Opening Hours:
Weekdays:18.00 – 02.00
Saturday: 17.00 – 02.00
Sunday 17.00 – 01.00

How to get here:

  • Use subway to Sindang Station Line 2 exit 1, or Line 6, exit 12.
  • Turn right after Woori Bank and Zoo Sindang is on your left.

Zoo Sindang In Seoul

Here’s the information we can share about this hidden mistyque zodiac cocktail bar Zoo Sindang in Seoul, would you love to visit this mistique bar as you travel Seoul? Let us know in the comment sections below!

zoo sindang seoul
zoo sindang seoul

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