Top 20 Best Attractions and Things To Do in Yeosu!

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In this article we will share to you the top things to do in Yeosu, South Korea. Yeosu is a city located in Jeollanam-do region, a large southernmost city surrounded by the sea.  if you plan to visit Yeosu as you travel south korea, make sure to add some of this to your travel list. Let’s go right to it.

Yi Sun Shin Square and Turtle Ship


If you are a korea lover, you might already know who is Yi Sun Shin and why he is really famous in South Korea, you can almost find his statue in many big city in Korea. Admiral Yi Sun Shin is a commander of korean army during imjin war and rise to rank once he get huge wins against the japanese from 1592-1598.


In this park, you can find Yi Sun Shin statue and his most well known invention, turtle ship (Geokbukseon). More than that, you can actually get on the ship and look around. The ship has a unique dragon heads and turtle shape.

Address: South Korea, Jeollanam-do, Yeosu-si, Jungang-dong, 383

Yeosu Maritime Cable car To Dolsan Park


Yeosu Maritime Cable car is one of the must try in Yeosu as you can see the wonderful and the most representative attractions of Yeosu, Dolsan bridge (Dolsandaegyo) as you go to Dolsan Park. 


This bridge is expecially more beautiful at night as it lights up the bridge with wonderful color.

Address: 3600-1 Dolsan-ro, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

Yeosu Artland Culture and Resort

Ocean Sky Walk


Yeosu art land culture and resort is a place where you can try Ocean sky walk, where you can walk above a small floor to feel the feelings of walking above the air. 



Credit to Remalyn Palacio

Right next to the skywalk, in the same areas, after you finish doing your skywalk here, if you still haven’t satisfied, you can try zipline experience.

Ocean Sky Swing


Credit to WAUG

If Skywalk and zipline is not enough to satisfy your needs, then you can pump your adrenaline through this swing. This swing will rock you back and forth 100m above the ground while giving you a wonderful views of the blue sea.

Media Art Sculpture Park


Credit to WAUG

This media art sculpture park is a small outdoor park full of wonderful sculpture, where you can take insta worthy picture and videos.

AR Trick Eye Museum


Credit to WAUG

The trick eye museum in Yeosu is not just like any other trick museum you ever visited. This one offer you AR 3d experience where you can find the water world, pharaoh’s lair and jungle. So if you come with your kids, then you can try this one.

Midas Hand


The other iconic photo zone you can find is Midas hand that you can find similar to the one in Pohang, but the difference is that here you can climb it all the way up right into the palm of the hand while overlooking the wonderful beach.

Yeosu Artland Infinity Pool


This infinity pool is another thing you can do in this resort, if you love and plan to swim in korea, then you can just do it here at the infinity pool.

Address: 142-1 Musulmok-gil, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si, South Korea
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 9am to 6pm
Price for each attractions:

  • AR 3D Trick Art Museum: 15,000 KRW
  • Midas Hand: 15,000 KRW
  • Media Art Sculpture Park: 15,000 KRW
  • Zipline: 15,000 KRW
  • Infinity Pool: 10,000 KRW
  • Extreme Swing: 5,000 KRW
  • Ocean Skywalk: 10,000 KRW

Yeosu Arte Museum

Arte museum is one famous museum you might already knew and visit in Jeju Island or Gangneung areas. This arte museum is actually their second branch that opened in August 2021. While Jeju arte museum has an island theme, Yeosu is using ocean theme.

The entrance of this museum is around 17,000 korean won, you can find lots of interactive exhibition and place to take a beautiful picture with ocean theme here.

Gosodong 1004 Angel Mural Village


Credit to jung_dawoony

Gosodong 1004 angel mural village is well known as angel alley. This village is filled with many webtoon, cartoon and illustrations wall painting that paint history of korea. 

More than that, this mural village is filled with some unique cafes and gorgeous neighborhood as your photo background.

Hyangiram Temple


Hyangiram is one of the historical place in South Korea, this temple used as a base camp for buddhist monk during Imjin War 1592-1598. They help Admiral Yi Sun Shin during Japanese invasion. 


Located at the edge of a cliff on Geumosan mountain, this temple is the place where you can find eternity and peace as you feel the serene and wonderful views of the south sea.


Hyangiram itself means Watching the sun, thus you can expect to see a breathtaking sunrise as you arrived here at the break of the dawn. One thing to remember is that you will have a lot of leg work to reach this wonderful temple in Yeosu.

Nangman Pocha Street


Nangnam pocha street is a place where you can find a lot of pocha style food cart where you can get some food and drinks. Nearby Nangman Pocha stret is Hamel Lighthouse, where you can witness the wonderful night view of Yeosu

Highclass 153 Resort Swing


Credit to Travelhazel

This is another place where you can try another swing above the sky, in Highclass 153 resort and dessert cafe. Other than that, you can also enjoy a luxurious infinity pool if you plan to stay here.

Address: 1292-80 Pyeongsa-ri, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

Ramada Zip Track


Credit to 심바군

Zip Track is another exciting things you can try in Yeosu. Ramada Zip Track is one of the highest zip track in South Korea. If you plan to stay in this hotel, you will also get access to a luxurious heated outdoor pool.

Address: 11, Gangnamhaean-ro, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, 59769, South Korea

Yeosu Ocean Railbike


Credit to @hyeonini_

Another interesting things you can do in Yeosu is Ocean Railbike, you can do this with your friends or family up to four person. This railbike runs all along the coastline, offers you a wonderful sea views and fresh ocean breeze.


Address: 187 Mangyang-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
Opening Hours:
March – October: 9:00 – 18:00
November – February: 9:00 – 17:00
Fee: 26,000 – 36,000 KRW

Cafe Rafik, Cafe at The Edge of The Cliff


Credit to @hyeonini_

Cafe Rafik is one of the cafe you want to visit as you travel Yeosu. This cafe is built at the edge of a cliff, thus offers a wonderful views of the east side of Dolsando Island.


Address: 1584, Pyeongsa-ri, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Opening Hours:
Summer: 09:00 – 21:00
Winter: 09:00 – 20:00

World Expo 2012


Historically speaking, other than Yi Sun Shin statue, this World Expo 2012 might be one of the big things that ever happened in Yeosu. This expo was held in 2012 with the theme of ‘The sea that lives and the coast that breathes”, addressing the climate change issues as well as ocean protections.

While this place might not interest you a lot, you can visit the Sky Tower, observatory in Yeosu Expo Park and chill in the cafe at the top of it. You can easily reach this place by train, just stopped at Yeosu Expo Station.

Odongdo Island


Credit to @gingertabbie

Odongdo is one of the best and most accessible island you can visit in Yeosu. You can just walk to it right from the port areas to Odongdo via the bridge and visit the lighthouse or enjoy the views of this wonderful little island. It’s very recommeneded to visit in the spring when the camellia flowers are in full bloom.

Ungcheon beach


Credit to @worldoniphonecam

Ungcheon beach is a manmade beach that exist after the World Expo in 2012. Here is the place where you can find tons of cafes and wonderful small beach.

South Korea Yeosu

Here’s the list of the things you want to do and don’t want to miss as you travel Yeosu in South Korea. If you are wondering how to visit Yeosu from Seoul, then the best way is using KTX.

KTX will enable you to visit Yeosu within 3 hours from Seoul. More than that, the station is located in the center of the city where you can easily navigated through out your other travel plan.

Tip: While you can come here through KTX, it is recommendable to use taxi as you travel around Yeosu, it will be much easier for you to visit these attractions. However, if you still want to use public transportation, make sure to download Naver map to make sure you won’t lost your way.

south korea yeosu
south korea yeosu

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