30 Best Underrated Kdrama That’s Worth to Watch in 2022!

underrated kdrama 2021

In this article, we will share to you the best 30 underrated korean drama (kdrama) that’s actually worth to add to your watch list especially during this pandemic. Make sure you read and also add some of this to your watch list if you feel interested, as it will be really worth to watch.

Underrated Korean dramas

Korean drama is getting more attention from the world as it getting more and more famous, here are some of the most underrated korean drama that was actually really beautiful and good to watch. I hope many more people watching this korean drama as this one deserves more attention compare to maybe another overrated korean drama.

Underrated Kdramas

Here’s the list of Underrated korean drama that should get more attention and viewers among global kdrama lovers.

1. Angel's Last Mission (2019)

underrated kdrama

Angel’s Last mission a korean drama with story about someone as an Angel, namely Dan. As an angel, he is also a troublemaker and also an optimist. Yeon-Seo is a ballerina who does not believe in love. Dan then receives a mission. If he succeeds, he can return to Heaven. His mission is to find true love for Yeon-Seo, but Dan soon falls in love with her.

2. Suspicious Partner (2017)

underrated kdrama

Suspicious Partner korean drama is a story about Noh Ji Wook, who is a brainiac prosecutor and Eun Bong Hee is a rookie justice department intern, who always seems to find herself in the most unfortunate and embarrassing situations. Bong Hee is falsely accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend, and Ji Wook gets demoted because he risks his career and reputation to save Bong Hee. 

Things get complicated as their careers, and love lives get entangled, but one thing brings them together- catching the real culprit responsible for a series of murders before they run out of time and get themselves killed. Ji Eun Hyuk used to be a good friend of Ji Wook, and their friendship used to be the strongest ever. During Eun Hyuk’s troubled childhood, Ji Wook used to feel like his only family. However, after few years, Bong-Hee and Ji-Wook meet again, but on opposing sides. Bong-Hee is representing the plaintiff and Ji-Wook is representing the defendant in a court case.

3. My Strange Hero (2018)

underrated kdrama

My Strange Hero korean drama is a story about Kang Bok-Su (Yoo Seung-Ho), who was a high school student, was falsely accused of committing violence and kicked out of school. This was caused by his first love Son Soo-Jeong (Jo Bo-Ah) and a male student Oh Se-Ho.

Kang Bok-Su is a now an adult, but his life has not gone smoothly. To get revenge on Son Soo-Jeong and Oh Se-Ho, he returns to the same high school as a student. The environment at the school has changed and Kang Bok-Su gets involved in unexpected cases.

4. To The Beautiful You (2012)

underrated kdrama

To the beautiful You korean drama is a story about Tae Joon, who became Jae Hee’s strength during her toughest time, and she leaves the US for Korea to enroll in a men’s physical education high school to help Tae Joon restart his high jump career.

Tae Joon announces his retirement from the high jump national team and closes his heart, but his closed heart begins to open after meeting Jae Hee. Eun Gyul is confused about his sexual orientation as he falls in love with Jae Hee who is masquerading as a man. The student-athletes have a fun time training with each other and are not tied down to setting a record or competition.

5. Run On (2020)

underrated kdrama

Run On korean drama is actually a love story between Ki Seon-Gyeom (Im Si-Wan) and Oh Mi-Joo (Shin Se-Kyung). Ki Seon-Gyeom was once a popular sprinter for the national team. Due to a case, he quit the sport. He then begins to work as a sports agent. Meanwhile, Oh Mi-Joo writes subtitle translations for movies. She was thrilled when she first she her name as a translator during the end credits. She meets Ki Seon-Gyeom, who just quit being a sprinter. She feels they were destined to meet.

Seo Dan-A (Sooyoung) is the CEO of a sports agency. She is the only child of a man who runs the Seomyung Group. Because of her gender, she is pushed back on the list of potential successors to the Seomyung Group. She lives fiercely to take back what originally belonged to her. Lee Young-Hwa (Kang Tae-Oh) then appears in her life. He is a university student, majoring in art. He likes movies and croquis drawing.

6. Welcome to Waikiki (2018)

underrated kdrama

Welcome to Waikiki korean drama is a story about Kang Dong-Goo (Kim Jung-Hyun), who dreams of becoming a movie director, but he is cynical due to bad luck. Cheon Joon-Ki (Lee Yi-Kyung) wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an actor, but he is now just a minor actor. Bong-Doo-Sik (Son Seung-Won) came to Seoul to become a scenario writer, but things have not been easy for him.

These 3 men run the guest house Waikiki in Itaewon, South Korea. Their guest house is facing bankruptcy and then a mysterious baby and single mother appear at Waikiki.

7. Piece of your mind (2020)

underrated kdrama

Piece of your mind korean drama is a romance story between Moon Ha-Won (Jung Hae-In) and Han Seo-Woo (Chae Soo-Bin). Ha Won is an AI programmer and he is the founder of M&H Company. He is a consistent person with a good heart. Meanwhile, Han Seo-Woo works as a classical music recording engineer. Her life is unstable without a family or house, but she is a positive person.

8. Abyss (2019)

underrated kdrama

Abyss korean drama is a story about a man and a woman who tragically die and are given another chance at life through soul-reviving marbles in a magical abyss.

Cha Min was the highly intelligent heir to Korea’s top cosmetics company but was also a smart, humble, and a kind-hearted man. Although he has both the brains and an astounding amount of wealth, he considers himself unattractive and is insecure about his looks. Like Go Se Yeon, Cha Min gets into an accident and dies. Due to the mysterious magical marble—Abyss—he comes back to life with a different appearance as an exceedingly handsome man just as bright as his spirit he had in his previous life.

Go Se Yeon and Cha Min begin to work as a lawyer and an administrator at a private law firm and decide to investigate the magical incident. Romance blooms in the office as the two intertwine together to accept their same fate.

9. The Uncanny Encounter (2020)

underrated kdrama

The uncanny encounter korean drama is a story about a group of people are called “Counter.” Their purpose is to hunt down evil spirits and they each have their own special abilities. The group disguises themselves as employees at noodle restaurant.

So Mun (Joe Byeong-Gyu) is a high school student and he is the youngest member of “Counter.” His special ability is his physical strength. As a child, he was involved in a suspicious car accident. His parents died in the accident and he was left with a limp in his left leg.

Ga Mo-Tak (Yu Jun-Sang) is a former police officer. He had an accident 7 years ago, which caused him to lose his memory. He is a righteous person. Do Ha-Na (Kim Se-Jeong) can sense evil spirits from hundreds of kilometers away. When she touches someone, she can read their memories. Chu Mae-Ok (Yum Hye-Ran) is the chef of the noodle restaurant. She is the anchor of “Counter.”

10. My Secret Romance (2017)

underrated kdrama

My secret romance korean drama is a story about a nutritionist that gets entangled in a series of misunderstandings with her new chaebol boss, who turns out to be someone she slept with in the past. Cha Jin-Wook (Sung Hoon), who is a son from a wealthy family. His family runs a large company. Cha Jin-Wook only pursues short term love. He meets Lee Yoo-Mi (Song Ji-Eun) and changes. Lee Yoo-Mi has never had a boyfriend before.

11. When The Weather is Fine (2020)

underrated kdrama

When the weather is fine korean drama is a story about Hye-Won (Park Min-Young), who is an ordinary woman with good character. She has played the cello since she was a child. Hye-Won began her social life with her ability to play the cello, but, during that time, she was hurt emotionally by others. Due to that, Hye-Won does not trust people and she has closed her heart to others. 

Hye-Won becomes sick and tired of her life in Seoul and decides to move back to her hometown Bookhyun Village. There, Hye-Won meets Eun-Seob (Seo Kang-Joon). He runs the bookshop “Goodnight Bookstore.” Eun-Seob’s daily life is simple. He wakes up and drinks coffee, reads a book and writes on his blog. Eun-Seob’s daily life begins to change after he meets Hye-Won.

12. Forest (2020)

underrated kdrama

Forest korean drama is a story about Kang San Hyeok (Park Hae Jin), who is a fearless and intelligent emergency service worker. He excels as part of his rescue team, responding to 119 emergency calls – and often saving lives in the process. But he is blighted by memory issues, and cannot remember key details about his childhood. He longs to unlock the secrets of his past.

Jung Young Jae (Jo Bo Ah), meanwhile is a passionate young surgeon whose new residency sees her posted to a mysterious forest. When his latest daring rescue mission also sees Kang San Hyeok enter the forest, he meets Jung Young Jae – and the pair feels strangely drawn to one another.

Little by little, they realize that they share a once-forgotten secret. And the longer they spend in the seemingly magical forest, the closer they get to discovering the truth about their pasts – and the key role the forest plays in their intertwined destiny.

13. Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020)

underrated kdrama

“Mystic Pop-Up Bar”korean drama is a story that was created based on a popular webtoon of the same name and tells the story of a mysterious pojangmacha (outdoor drinking establishment) run by a prickly woman and an innocent part-timer who visit customers in their dreams to help resolve their problems.

14. The Bride of Habaek (2017)

underrated kdrama

The Bride of habaek korean drama is a story about The Water God Habaek who visits earth to fulfill his mission with the help of his servant in the human world, named psychiatrist Yoon So Ah, whose ancestor have promised to serve The Water God for generations. 

Unfortunately she doesn’t believe in the gods and mistakes him for a delusional patient. Things get even more strange, when The Wind god Bi Ryum, The Water Goddess Mu Ra, and Demi-God Hu Ye shows up to complicate things. What will happen now.

15. The Best Hit (2017)

underrated kdrama

The best hit korean drama is a story about childhood friends, Lee Ji Hoon (Kim Min Jae) and Choi Woon Seung (Lee Se Young), have grown up together. Sharing both memories and dreams over the years, the two have always been there to support each other, no matter what. Even now, as they’re preparing to take the civil service exam, the two are tackling the task together. There’s just one problem, Ji Hoon doesn’t want to become a civil servant, instead, he dreams of becoming a singer and songwriter.

Secretly enrolled as an idol trainee, Ji Hoon hopes to make his dreams come true; but the path before him is difficult, to say the least. Without the support of his family, Ji Hoon struggles to keep the balance between what’s expected of him and what his heart desires most. But everything changes the day he meets Yoo Hyun Jae (Yoon Si Yoon).

A member of a popular idol group from the early 1990’s, Yoo Hyun Jae was always the troublemaker of the bunch. But not even his many scandals could prepare him for his accidental trip through time. Unexpectedly finding himself 24 years into the future, Hyun Jae teams up with Ji Hoon, Woon Seung, and a group of their friends as they set out on a journey to discover who they are, what they love, and what it takes to make dreams come true.

16. 49 Days (2011)

underrated kdramas

Shin Ji-hyun meets with a car accident the day before her wedding and slips into a coma. A grim reaper tells her that she’ll not be taken to the afterlife if three people shed genuine tears for her in the next 49 days. In her quest to achieve this, she possesses the body of Song Lee-kyung, the woman who attempted to commit suicide and inadvertently led to Ji-hyun’s car accident.

17. Uncontrollably Fond (2016)

underrated kdramas

Shin Joon-young and Noh Eul were classmates before going their separate ways. Years later, Noh Eul becomes a producer while Joon-young is living the life as a celebrity.

The two reunite when Noh Eul is tasked with producing Joon-young’s personal documentary. All goes according to plan until Joon-young falls ill with a terminal disease, which forces him to reconsider having Noh Eul by his side.

18. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2018)

underrated kdramas

Kim Moo-young doesn’t remember his past and becomes a suspect for a murder case. But his life starts to pick up when he runs into Yoo Jin-kang, who piques his interest. Moo-young tries to pursue Jin-kang, but her brother is a detective and disapproves of their budding relationship.

19. Beating Again (2015)

underrated kdramas

Kang Min-ho used to be a cold-hearted and ruthless investor who didn’t let his emotions get in the way. One day, he suffers from a heart attack and has to receive a heart transplant. After the surgery, his personality takes on a 180° change. Strangely enough, he keeps getting a weird rush of emotions whenever he meets Kim Soon-jung, and that’s because the heart he received belonged to her fiance who passed away.

20. Strongest Deliveryman (2017)

underrated kdramas

Strongest Deliveryman is a feel-good drama revolving around the lives of two deliverymen, Choi Kang-soo and Lee Dan-ah, as they go about making deliveries to make ends meet. Unlike Kang-soo who’s always optimistic about his situation, Dan-ah resents her current way of life. But all of these change as the two meet and team up to tackle life’s trials together.

Underrated Kdrama 2021

Here’s a list of some underrated korean drama in 2021 that worth to watch and enjoy.

1. Dali and Cocky Prince

underrated kdrama 2021

Jin Moo-Hak (Kim Min-Jae) is the second son from a family that runs the global restaurant franchise firm Dondon F&B. The company started from a gamjatang (pork bone stew) restaurant. He lacks education, but has an excellent ability to make money.

Meanwhile, Kim Da-Li (Park Gyu-Young) is a visiting researcher of an art gallery. She is the only chid of a prestigious family. Kim Da-Li can speak 7 different languages and she has a good personality, but she is not very good at doing household chores like cooking.

Jin Moo-Hak and Kim Da-Li happen to meet without knowing about each other’s backgrounds and they develop good feelings for each other. Due to an art gallery that is going bankrupt, they meet again as the son of a rich, uneducated family and the daughter of a prestigious family.

2. You Are My Spring

underrated kdrama 2021

The story revolves around three characters who are still grappling with childhood traumas. The show can be relatable and healing at times. This is recommended drama for you who wants a cheerful and easy story.

3. Reflection of You

underrated kdrama 2021

Jung Hee Joo (Go Hyung Jung) grows up poor and ends up marrying a wealthy man who loves her very much. The two have one daughter and one son together and seem to be living happily. However, it is gradually revealed that Hee Joo had an affair with the fiancé of one of her close friends, played by Kim Jae Young. This whirlwind of a story uncovers the emotion and complicated relationships that these friends and lovers have with each other.

4. So I Married an Anti-Fan

underrated kdrama 2021

The plot revolves around a famous celebrity, Hoo Joon, and a magazine reporter, Geun Young. After an incident at a club’s opening where she loses her job and thinks it is because of Joon, Young tries to retaliate but is termed an anti-fan. The two end up together in a reality TV show in which a celebrity is forced to live with their hater. 

They end up falling in love with one another. This funny dramas filled with comic scenes that will make you happy.

5. She Would Never Know

underrated kdrama 2021

“She Would Never Know” is based off a popular web novel. It involves the love story between two office workers who work for a cosmetics brand. Won Jin Ah plays Yoon Song Ah, and SF9‘s Rowoon plays her hoobae Chae Hyun Seung. Chae Hyun Seung falls in love at first sight with Song Ah, and the two engage in a passionate romance.

6. Monthly Magazine Home

underrated kdrama 2021

The story follows Na Young Won, an editor at the monthly magazine ‘Monthly House,’ who, despite her success, lives alone in a rental house and never upgrades it much. Things change when Yoo Ja Sung, the magazine’s CEO, buys the property. After a life of hardship and laborious effort, Ja Sung is resolved to turn his wealth via real estate investing. It’s a simple show that leans towards teaching you real-life lessons through dramatization.

7. Work Later, Drink Now

underrated kdrama 2021

An So-Hee (Lee Sun-Bin), Han Ji-Yeon (Han Sun-Hwa), and Kang Ji-Gu (Jung Eun-Ji) enjoy meeting after work and drinking together. The three women are single and in their 30’s. Their jobs have An So-Hee work as a broadcasting writer, Han Ji-Yeon as a yoga instructor, and Kang Ji-Gu as a YouTuber. Meanwhile, Kang Buk-Gu (Choi Si-Won) works as a PD of TV variety show. He hangs out with the 3 women.

8. Undercover

underrated kdrama 2021

Han Jung-Hyun (Ji Jin-Hee) is an agent of the NIS (National Intelligence Service). While he studied at the police university, he was selected by the NIS. He then worked on a top secret case and he met Choi Yeon-Soo (Kim Hyun-Joo). 

Using his alias, he fell in love with her and they eventually married. Meanwhile, Choi Yeon-Soo works as a civil-rights lawyer who seeks justice and the truth. She is nominated for the Chief of the Civil Servant Corruption Investigation Unit. Because of her nomination, her husband’s true identity becomes involved in an uncontrollable situation.

9. The Witch’s Diner

underrated kdrama 2021

Jung Jin is an ordinary 28-year-old woman with a job and a boyfriend, but her boyfriend dumps her and she gets fired from her job. Jung Jin then decides to open a restaurant with her mother. However, The restaurant goes bankrupt.

Her mother goes down to the country and Jung Jin is left alone at the restaurant. At that time, Jo Hee-Ra (Song Ji-Hyo) appears as a witch who wants to borrow Jung Jin’s restaurant to open her own unique restaurant. She would make food that grants a customer’s wish in exchange of their soul.

10. Navillera

underrated kdrama 2021

It’s a heartwarming story of a 70-year old man, Shim Deok-Chul, who wants to perform ballet just once in his life but no one in his family supports him. He meets a 23-year-old ballet dancer, Lee Chae-rok, who’s had a hard life since his mother’s death.

As Chae-rok teaches ballet to Deok-Chul, the two become a vital part of each other’s lives and learn from one another.

Best Underrated Kdrama

Which one of these underrated korean drama you wanted to add to your watchlist? do you love these korean drama? Let us know in the comments sections below!

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