At a distance, spring is green K-Drama, story about struggles in university!


In this article we will share to you one korean drama title At a Distance, Spring is green review, which is a story about struggles in university Make sure you read this article until the end to get the most out of it.

This Korean drama is actually played by many uprising young actors such as Kang Min ah, Bae in hyuk and singer Park Ji Hoon. This is our review of At a distance, spring is green korean drama very first episode and will definitely contain many spoilers. If you haven’t watch, then make sure you watch it before you read this article.

At a Distance, Spring is green story

yeo joon kdrama

This korean drama is actually was created out of a famous korean webstoon of the same name. The story revolves around 3 main characters which is Yeo joon, Kim so bin and Nam Soo Hyun who try to find and navigate their way in university and facing daily life challenge.

Yeo Joon have a personality that is love to be famous and love by many people

yeo joon webtoon

Yeo Joon is really popular with school girls for his appearance. His nicknamed was ATM as he really try to please everyone by offer himself to pay for meals and even treat his seniors.

Soo-hyun is notorious for being a cold-hearted psycho

soo hyun spring is green kdrama

Nam Soo-hyun is known as the ultimate psycho a.k.a U.P for his mysterious style and never smile attitude. Actually So Hyun cold hearted and mysterious personality is just a mask. He just prefer not to get involved with others as he was already busy doing his multiple part time jobs and maintain his scholarship.

However, he is actually a detail and calculative person. As the first episode shows that Yeo Joon ended up accidentally spills his coffee on Soo Hyun’s Shoes. Soo Hyun asks for KRW 100k and break down the use of each money he ask, eventho he ended up reject Yeo Joon’s offer.

So-bin tries to persuade Yeo Joon to give her his research assistant role

so bin kdrama

Kim So Bin is actually a hardwoking and diligent junior student, but in spite of her hardwork and diligent attitude, her grades and scores doesn’t show her efforts.

So Bin ended up applying as a research assistant for her professor name Song Soo Kyung. However, things not work as she hope as Professor Song has already choose her assistant, which is Yeo Joon. So Professor Song’s teaching assistant tells So bin that she need to persuade Yeo Joon to give the role to her.

So Bin ended up try to persuade Yeo Joon to give her the role as Professor Song’s research assistant that he got. Yeo Joon ended up agree with certain condition that he and So bin must become real friends, and their friendship will be true and pure.

At a Distance, Spring is Green review: a relatable coming-of-age drama

This korean drama is really good and relatable especially during 1st smester of university, as finding friends, orientation camps, club recruitment start taking place.

Their character struggles is totally make sense and relatable to many first smester university student, such as those who try hard to keep up with their bills, while others need to keep up with their score and grades to maintain scholarship and get another great opportunities.

At a Distance, Spring is Green kdrama

At a Distance, Spring is Green airs at 9.30PM KST every Monday and Tuesday on KBS2. If you like university student korean drama story line, then make sure you watch it and never miss it.

Tell us how do you think about this korean drama? do you love it?

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