30 City and Korea Countryside Worth To Visit in 2022!

korea countryside

In this article we will share to you hidden gems in south korea countryside you never knew before, other than just Seoul, Busan and Jeju. These 3 major destinations is what comes to mind when it comes to travel South Korea. However, there are Korea is much more than that.

south korea countryside

Here we will share to you the other 30 locations in south korea countryside you want to visit as you travel Korea. Let’s dive right to it. 

1. Jeonju

south korea countryside

Jeonju Hanok Village is a village in Jeonju city that houses about 735 traditional Korean hanok houses. Jeonju Hanok village retains it’s historical charms which makes it must visit destination if you want to feel the real korean traditional villages vibes.

south korea countryside

Hanok have it’s unique style of roof edges that raise to the sky and also divided into two sections which we called anchae and sarangchae. Men and women had to remain separated and so the Sarangchae is where men dwell, while anchae is located deep inside the house. 

south korea countryside

Other than that, Hanok houses are heated with Ondol, unique korean flooring heating system. As Korean love to sit down and even sleep on the floor, korean make sure the floor is remain in good warm temperature using Ondol system, you can enjoy hanok stay to feel it yourself.

south korea countryside

If you feel bored with hanoks and traditional culture travel in Jeonju, you can shopping in Gaeksa or see more attractions in Jeonju such as Jaman Mural Village and Deokjin Park.

If you are an extreme sports lover, then you can try this Paragliding at Jeonju Paragliding Site as you travel Jeonju. 

2. Andong

south korea countryside

Andong is another city where you can find your quiet time out of the hustle and bustle of capital city lifestyle. This city is famous for it’s relaxing vibes and preservations of korean traditions, makes it perfect for those who wants to find peace and yet still want to have some folk cultural experience.

south korea countryside

Many of you might not realize or know that Soju is actually born in Andong city. Back then during 13th century in south korea, Soju was used for medical purpose. Koreans believe that Soju could help cure ailing people who suffered from various disease such as toxic insect bites and stomach ache.

south korea countryside

Credit to Korea Times

Other than good at cultural preservations, Andong is also great in it’s culinary. Andong is also famous for it’s jjim-dak – a braised chicken marinated in soy sauce served with vegetables and noodles.

Queen Elizabeth II even celebrated her 73rd birthday in Andong city in 1999 and Prince Andrew commemorated the Queens visit two years ago in 2019.

south korea countryside

Andong is well known for it’s Mask Dance Festival that is held at Hahooe Folk Village. If you love to see korean cultural performance, then you can visit here during the festival.

south korea countryside

Credit to @8eunseo8

Credit to The Korea Times

3. Damyang

Damyang County (Damyang-gun) is a county in Jeollanam-do that is well known for it’s Bamboo forest, a really great and relaxing experience you can do while travel south korea. You can just spend whole afternoon walking around Juknokwon among all the trees.

Make sure you also try their Bamboo nutella ice cream while walking around Damyang beautiful Bamboo forest. Just lose yourself in the nature and find your inner peace.

4. Suwon

Suwon is the capital of Gyeonggi Province famous for its stone wall and 4 pagoda-topped arched gates. Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung Palace is one of the most visited attractions by tourist.

Other than hwaseong Haenggung, you can also check out on Gwanggyo Lake Park and Galleria Gwanggyo for taking some good picture.

5. Buyeo

south korea countryside

Buyeo is another great place for you who love traditional korean culture. If you have watched Moon lovers, you will notice that Baekje Cultural Land is actually located in Buyeo. Other than Baekje cultural land, you can also find the Royal Tombs, and Seongheungsan Mountain here.

Buyeo was the capital city of the Baekje Kingdom, that was ended as the Silla Kingdom invaded during the 7th Century. You can find ancient temples, fortresses, shrines, and other monuments here to add to your explore list.

Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival

However, there are more things to do in Buyeo than just the traditional and historical attractions. Buyeo is really a nature lovers heaven, filled with ponds, lotus flowers, calm rivers, fortress forest, and beautiful parks.

love tree in buyeo

Don’t forget to take a pictures here as you travel Buyeo, this is a famous ‘Sarang Namu’ Zelkova Love tree that was featured in many various korean dramas.

6. Yeosu

south korea countryside

Credit to @highclass153

Yeosu is another underrated countryside city located on South Korea’s East China Sea coast. Most of travelers will never even think of visiting this place when they travel South Korea.

south korea countryside

Credit to @de_fatal

There’s a lot you can explore and do in Yeosu, eventhough the most well known to do list here are exploring the various islands with it’s beautiful beach, visit Yi Sun Shin statue and World Expo 2012.

south korea countryside

Yeosu have lots of beach you can visit such as Manseongri beach. Mosageum beach, Ungcheon beach and Jangdeung beach.

south korea countryside

Credit to KTO

Odongdo (오동도) island is one of the best island you must visit while you’re in Yeosu. It is by far the most accessible island as you can walk right over from the port.

south korea countryside

Credit to @honeytaeng_e

You can also enjoy the various beach in Yeosu, cable car experience from Dolsan Park, Angel’s valley and Paragliding experience.

The other thing you can try if you are extreme sport lover is to walk on the sky above this small glass floor in Yeosu Artland Culture and Resort.  This place is also an exotic resort that offers insta worthy photo zones with iconic art sculptures and facilities.

7. Jinhae

Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival

Jinhae-gu is a district in Changwon City famous for its annual spring festival. This is the most visited cherry blossom picturesque areas all over south korea. The downside is that Jinhae is a really small city, so there’s not much to do here.

Cherry blossoms jinhae 2022

On the other hand, the upside is that because it is a small city, you can expect to see all the cherry blossom trees all covering all around the city

8. Pohang


Credit to @Sso_danim

Pohang is a city in the province of North Gyeongsang, and a main seaport in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region. The city is divided into two wards, Northern Ward and Southern Ward.


Credit to @Sso_danim

There’s a new hotspot that was made in late 2021 and open to public for you to enjoy the roller coaster ride while enjoying 360 views of both the great city, yeongil bay and beach. 

korea countryside

Credit to @lovyeun

Other than The Space Walk, You can stay in March Blue Pool Villa, this villa is also currently become hotspot for couple to stay together looking the beautiful beach and also clear views of sunrise.

9. Dongducheon


Dongducheon is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, located in the north of Seoul. This city is important for the defense of the Korean capital. While this city is not super famous among Korea lovers and traveler, actually this city have a japanese style theme park worth to visit, especially because this city is not really far from seoul.


This Japanese style theme park was called Nijimori Studio. This place was back then served as a filming set for several dramas that includes Japan scenery, before later on transformed into a theme park for public, in order to make a better use of this space.

This village allows you to feel the life of Japanese back then during Edo Era. You can find all type japanese buildings and facility here with all furnitures imported and shipped directly from Japan.

10. Nonsan

korea countryside

Credit to @clarissacindy

Nonsan is a city in Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea, originally came from a small garden ” Nolmoe,” which rises in the middle of farming fields. While this city is not popular among tourist, this city is actually being featured in some korean dramas in which one of them are Mr. Sunshine and Our Beloved Summer.

This is Nonsan Onbit Recreational Forest, famous for it’s beautiful metasequoia line road and a two story isolated house featured in Our Beloved Summer.

nonsan kdrama site

This is another must visit in Nonsan, namely Sunshine Studio. This place is a definitely must visit countryside in Korea. No matter which season you are traveling in Korea, it offers you a quiet, and serene vibes. If you want to look for korean vintage vibes then you definitely must visit this place.

11. Goseong County

korea countryside

Goseong is a county in Gangwon Province, South Korea. You can find beautiful nature, temple, and scenic sites where you can emerge yourself with nature all around.

korea countryside

Credit to @heyhy0

Other than that, there’s a pension called ‘Ajiro Pension‘ that offers you a really beautiful sleep experience on the side of a beautiful beach. It feels like sleeping with ASMR on all the time.

korea countryside

Credit to @heyhy0

They also offer a bathup with full glass window for you to still be able to enjoy the beautiful waves of the sea as you bathing here, so there’s no time wasting.

Other than Ajiro Pension, you can also gone to Sono Felice Village Delfino where you can experience swiss vibes village in Korea. 

12. Seonjaedo Island

korea countryside

Credit to @minhee_k_

Seonjaedo is an island in Incheon that allows you to feel ‘Bali’ or ‘Jeju’ vibes near the city without the need to fly to Jeju.

korea countryside

Credit to @minhee_k_

Seonjae-do itself actually means “Fairy Island”. This island is connected to the mainland through a sandy path that only appears during the low tide.

korea countryside

Credit to @minhee_k_

Seonjaedo Island is also a bridge island that connects Daebudo and Yeongheungdo Islands. Perfect for short escape to enjoy beach with beautiful sunset.

13. Seosan

korea countryside

Credit to @minwoo_park7781

Seosan is located along the west coast of South Korea. It shares Cheonsuman Bay, one of the most famous migration staging areas for birds in South Korea, with other cities.

korea countryside

The city government built a theme park, Seosan Birdland, where you can see models of migratory birds and learn some information about them.

korea countryside

Credit to @minwoo_park7781

Other than that, you can also visit Ganwolam, a hidden treasure in Seosan, at low tide, it is connected to the land, but at high tide, its looks like an isolated and totally separated island.

Ganwolam was built by Master Mu hak during early Joseon Dynasty before being destroyed and rebuilt by Master Mangong.

14. Wonju

korea countryside

Wonju is another worth to visit place to travel located in Gangwon-do areas in South Korea. It is located about 140 km to the east from Seoul capital city. This city used to be one of the most important site during Korean War.

korea countryside

Credit to @jeung_anna

Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge is one of the main attractions in Wonju. It is the longest and highest scale among mountain pedestrian bridges. The thrill of walking on this bridge is great for those extreme sport lovers and the skywalk next to the bridge offers an amazing view of the surroundings.

15. Gangneung

korea countryside

Gangneung is a coastal city boast of the beautiful views of East Sea and lush pine forests. It has a diverse cultural heritage and also well known for it’s cafe as well as coffee culture.

korea countryside

For BTS ARMY, you can visit this BTS Bus Stop in Gangneung while enjoying the beautiful views of jumunjin beach.

korea countryside

After finish strolling around what gangneung has to offer, you can also experience this Jungdongjin Sun Cruise Resort. It is a premium cruise resort on land that perfectly captures the sun rise as you bask in elegant relaxation

korea countryside

Credit to @hne._.yng

If you prefer to stay in a hotel overlooking the ocean, then @your_anmok_in_jumunjin might be for you. This is also a great place to enjoy the sunrise surrounds with a beautiful sea.

16. Gurye

south korea countryside

Gurye is a county in the province of Jeollanam-do, it is a small county with picturesque farming areas situated between Jirisan and the Seomjin River. You can also come here during the early spring Gurye Sansuyu festival to feel the rural nature vibes filled with yellow color trees.

17. Boseong

boseong green tea field

Boseong County is a county in South Jeolla Province famous for its green tea leaves and plantation. About 26.71 hectares of land dedicated to the productions of green tea leaves. This is a home to tea cultivation since 300’s BC and most of the tea process here is using traditional and organic methods.

There is a lot to do than just looking the beautiful plantation here, some of them are visit the museum and try their iconic green tea ice cream or go to the picturesque green tea cafes here.

18. Suncheon

Suncheon is a city well known for it’s Suncheon Bay reed’s field. Suncheonman Bay’s reed field covers a total area of approximately 495,867 sqm which makes it perfect for those who wants to see the real korean nature. The iconic reed fields in Suncheonman Bay is so beautiful especially as it’s sway by the wind, it looks like watching the waves on the sea. 

19. Paju

south korea countryside

Credit to @rockerleego

Paju is an artistic and historical city located in Gyeonggi region in South Korea. It is also the place where you can find the famous DMZ Tour – third tunnel of aggression.

south korea countryside

Credit to @_e.del

Heyri Art Valley, located close from DMZ areas, is an art complex with morea than 50 art galleries and museums, began as a small art community that aims to inspire, create, and educate. It was named after Paju’s local song titled Heyri Sound sung by farmers in the past.

south korea countryside

Credit to @jean_of_life

For cafe hopper, you can find here Dirty Trunk, the cafe that just became one of the hotspot in Paju, known for it’s signature coffee, american style food as well as spacious and industrial vibes interior style cafe.

Paju English Village was established in 2006, as the first residential camp to learn English in South Korea. This village was built to resemble a European British village to make sure that those who learn english here immerse themselves with Western Vibes. Unfortunately, it closed down in 2016, and now operates under the name ‘ChangeUp Campus (CUC).

20. Geoje

south korea countryside

Credit to @jisun_trip

This beautiful city well known for it’s crystal clear oceans is located in South Gyeongsang province. Geoje offers a wide range of tourist attractions and anything related to the oceans, like seafood.

south korea countryside

Credit to @geoje_prisoncamp

Other than beach and waters, Geoje is actually also contains lots of historical values.  You can find the largest Prisoner of War Camp, a Camp during Korea War that was used for north Korean prisoners.

south korea countryside

Credit to @wony428

You can also find a small Maemiseong fortress here. It’s name came from the name of the Typhoon that hit this place in 2003 that caused lots of destructions especially to the crops and nearby village.

south korea countryside

Credit to @jk_gonji

Another historic site you can find here is Okpo Great Victory Commemorative Park. This historical park was built back then in 1996 as a memorial of Okpo Battle that takes place during Im Jin War under the leading of Admiral Yi Sun Sin.

This is the hidden gems of Geoje, namely Oedo Botania. Oedo Botania is a botanical garden inspired and design with a European theme style that houses more than thousand kinds of plants. This should be enough to fill your whole eyes with both green nature scenery and blues oceans as the background 

21. Daegu

south korea countryside

Credit to @9_hyun_2

Daegu is a city located in the midst of Busan and Seoul, in Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea. This city is also known as the fourth metropolitan city in Korea, well known by the famous E-World 83 Tower, the observatory spot similar to Seoul 63 Building.

south korea countryside

Credit to Space in Space

Other than boast of tower observatory, Daegu also boast of it’s Opera House, a six story building that hosts various performances with an amazing sound systems.

south korea countryside

You can also find one of the best major market in Korea here, namely Seomun Market.

south korea countryside

Credit to @sabina.niftalieva

If you are a stargazers, then you can go to Apsan Park. It is perfect spot for those who love to see the night lights of the city and the clear views of the stars in the sky.

22. Gyeongju

Gyeongju is definitely a city you can’t visit just once a lifetime. You need to visit here at least twice, there’s a lot to see in this city. Other than Gyeongju Gyochon Traditional Village, yo can also go to Anapji pond, Bulguksa Temple, Cheomseongdae and more.

While you might see many of the city and countryside above is focus on Joseon dynasty, Gyeongju is actually more unto Silla Kingdom. It was the capital of the Silla Kingdom from 57 BC to 935 AD, and you can easily recognize it from all its architecture and landmarks.

You can find one of the best cherry blossoms spot in Gyeongju, namely Bomun Pavillion, it is so romantic that you don’t wnat to miss it as you travel Gyeongju.

korea countryside

You can visit this Bomun Colloseum cafe as you travel gyeongju with your loved ones, this is one of the most popular photozones for couple

korea countryside

Hanok Style Starbucks in Gyeongju is also another great cafe for a quick coffee break and traditional hanok experience as you travel here.  

23. Uljin

Uljin Coastal Skyrail

Jukbyeon Coast SkyRail is a hidden gem in Uljin is expected to be the new hotspot in 2022. This SkyRail offers you a smooth slow 5km/hour speed and closest view of the beautiful Uljin Sea with its surroundings.

24. Gapyeong

korea countryside

Credit to @emotional_photo_

Pinocchio villahe in Gapyeong is the first Italian cultural theme park in Korea. The founder is Chairman Han, who also created ‘Petite France’, a cultural village with the concept of France and the Little Prince.

winter In korea

I believe you already knew this garden from movies, pictures or korean dramas as it often featured in many korean series for it’s four seasons beauty. You can enjoy cherry blossoms during spring seasons, hydrangea during summer, fall foliage in autumn and lighting festival in winter.

25. Asan

Blue Crystal Village is a villages that are lined with buildings inspired by the architecture of Greece’s Santorini, Parthenon and South France’s Provence. If you want to feel santorini vibes as you travel Korea, check this out 

26. Gimpo

korea countryside

Credit to @__anko__chil__

La Veniche March Avenue is an outdoor shopping complex inspired by Venice in Gimpo, a popular destination where you can find cute little stores, cafes and restaurants along the serene waterway.

27. Pocheon

kdrama sites in pocheon

Herb Island is one of the great place to feel Mediterranean Sea vibes in Korea, worth to visit and take some beautiful picture as you travel. It is the first herb plant museum in the world and the largest botanical garden in Korea. This island offers various experience about herbs.

27. Namhae

This German Village is located in Namhae, it was built for Korean residents who returned from living in Germany. Many Korean lived in Germany during the modernization of Korea in the 1960s. The area is now a unique tourism spot related to German culture.

29. Boryeong

korea countryside

Sky rail bike at Daecheon beach is one activities you don’t want to miss in Boryeong areas. this 20minute sky ride offers you the experience of riding above the waters and full panoramic views of the ocean.

30. Gwacheon

south korea countryside

Credit to @lasunnysunshine

Gwacheon is knwon as family city as it is packed with many attractions that will appeal to children. One of them is Seoul Grand Park, one of the representative attraction in Gwacheon that houses the Seoul Zoo, Seoul Land Amusement Park, Botanical Garden, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), and more.

South Korea Cities and Countryside

Here are some list of anti mainstream yet beautiful cities and countryside you can travel other than Seoul, Busan and Jeju. We will keep updated this list everytime we find a new hidden gems and place to explore. Make sure you save this and put some on your travel bucket list.

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