Running Man Online Fans Meeting on Tiktok To be Held on 5th September!

In this article we will share to you news about Running man online fans meeting on tiktok that about to be held on 5th September. Make sure you read all of this article to get the most out of it. Many of Running Man fans really happy and joyful to know that this variety show will start doing their first online fans meeting via TikTok Real soon.

This online fan meeting will be held via tiktok on 5th september 7PM Korean time. This means, soon we will be able to talk and interact with our favourite running man cast members live on our phone screen.

SBS Running Man Online Fan Meeting

running-man fans meeting

As we know that Running man has announced via their official social media account that the 2021 online fan meeting is coming real soon. However, as the covid19 pandemic spike up and to help prevent the spread of it, the fan meeting will not take place offline but will be held online. It is scheduled on September 5th at 7PM Korean time.

Running Man Tickets on sale

running-man fans meeting

For those wondering how much is the ticket price, each ticket costs KRW19,900 (~USD16.45). Other than that, If you purchase tickets before 23rd July, you will stand a chance to win an online photo session, signed poster, or a polaroid.

Tickets can be bought on Interpark, GoTix, Loket, SM Tickets, ThaiTicketMajor, and Ticketbox. After purchasing the ticket, you will be given a unique verification code, which you will need to get in before you can watch the live stream.

Jaesuk will not be present during this fanmeet

Every Running Man member will be present except for Yoo Jae suk, as he has another schedule that clash with this fanmeet.

Running Man Fanmeet First planned since February 2020

running-man fans meeting

Running Man fanmeet actually has been planned since February 2020 in Manila. however it ended up being postponed to 21st June 2020 due to pandemic, then postponed to 6th December 2020, and ended up never been done as the covid19 are still around.

However, the tickets were sold out in an hour for the fan meeting in Manila, which just tells us that many fans can’t wait to see them face to face. Even though fan meetings still can’t be held offline, the upcoming virtual Running Man fan meeting will be an opportunity for fans all over the world to interact with their lovely cast in LIVE.

Running man Fanmeet will have performance

running-man fans meeting

Other than doing fan meet and interact with their fans, they also will do some funny performance. As we know that these bunch of funny people will definitely makes us laugh by their funny performance.

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