Refund and Returns Policy

Make sure you write the right address before you order, because if you wrote wrong address, we are not responsible for your fault.

However, It is really safe to buy from us as we guarantee full refunds and replacement for any of this problem stated below:

1. Damage products
Make sure to record the process of opening the package and send to us as a prove that the product you receive is broken without your consent. We will replace it with a new one or give you a full refund for your product.

2. False products
If you received a wrong products, then we will sent you a replacement for FREE and you can keep the false product without sending us back. 

3. Lost in Shipping Company

During the pandemic, the global shipping company will sent the product within 40 business days globally. However, if the shipping company failed to send you the item within 60 days, we will give you the replacement or give you a full refund for your lost item.

How to request a refund or replacement:
Email us at [email protected]

Briefly explain what is happening with the products, and we will reach back to you.

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