BTS Unleashes and Giving you “Permission To Dance” Music Videos!

In this article, we will share to you the latest news about BTS that just unleashes and giving you a “Permission To Dance” Behind the Scene (Shooting) Music Videos. Those BTS Army who are looking forward for BTS Permission to dance behind the scene (shooting) music videos now can be enjoying their performance and fun during their shooting for permission to dance music videos. In this article, we will share to you the shooting music videos as well as the news about it. Let’s dive right to it!

BTS Release MV "Permission to Dance" Shooting Sketch

BTS eventually unveiled their shooting sketch for their latest track music videos ” Permission to Dance”. For those that didn’t knew about “Permission to dance”, it is an english language BTS song that will be included in their newly released CD version of the famous “Butter”. 

This shooting video start off with the scene where Jungkook pops up behind Suga inside a restsaurant. Suga points out that Jungkook looks like his old self in “Danger” with his hair style. He and Jungkook facing each other and doing the move together.

RM holding electrid fan permission to dance bts

As we see it was a really hot summer seasons day of shooting. However they try to do his best to keep themselves cool, as we see RM holding an electric fan, eventho he told that it’s not really help beating the heat of the summer sun. While on the other side, J-Hope and Jin dance together.

bts with child permission to dance bts

The next day begins with Jimin and V filming their scene with the child actors. Jimin and V seemes can’t stop smiling at their cuteness. This shooting ended up enthusiastically with their great move. Even when the music cuts off due to a technical error, they still continue to dance. Anyway, check out on this full shooting sketch for permisison to dance music videos below:

How do you think about BTS “Permission To Dance” Music Video? Do you feel excited about this MV? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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