Top 15 Best Park Shin Hye Korean Dramas and Movies!


In this article we will share to you the top 15 best park shin hye korean dramas you need to watch. If you are a big fan of Park Shin Hye and kdramas, then you want to add some of these kdrama to your watchlist. Let’s dive right into these korean dramas.

1. Sisyphus: The Myth


Sisyphus is tells a story of a genius engineer who discover a time travel machine that enables him to go back to the past where his older brother died. He did this in order to reveal the truth behind his brother’s death. 

Together with a mysterious elite warrior who can take down the largest criminal with bare hands, they start the journey to save the world from upcoming danger.

2. Memories of the Alhambra

memories of the alhambra

Memories of the Alhambra tells a story of someone who travels to Spain in order to meet the creator of a game. However, the creator has gone missing mysteriously and thus he meet his older sister that later on get entangled in a series of mysterious incidents surrounding a real world and the AR world.

3. Doctors


Doctors tells a story of a bullied student whose end up becoming a helpless gangster due to all the hurt and pain she had from her childhood. One day she meet someone who end up being her mentor and help transform her life upside down from a gangsters to a compassionate smart doctor.

4. Pinocchio


Pinocchio is a kdramas about someone with pinocchio syndrome, which makes her break out into hiccups whenever she told a lie and her childhood friends that end up having a feeling for her. 

Together, they become a newbie reporter to uncover the truth behind the waste facility fire that destroy his family while develop their feelings.

5. The Heirs


The Heirs tells a story of a chaebol study in USA meet someone from Korea coming to visit her older sister. He ended up find himself fall in love with her. One day his fiancee come to bring him back to Korea. Thus the complicated journey begins.

6. Flower Boy Next Door


Flower Boy Next Door tells a story of an anti social writer push out of her comfort zone as a group of handsome men start gathering next to her apartment. One day, they realize that she has been stalking them and thus the journey begins as they become unusual friends.

7. Heartstrings


Heartstrings dramas revolves around the life of a vocalist of a band ‘The Stupid’ and a girl named ‘Kyu Won’, who actually got dragged by her friends to go to the band’s concert with them. After seeing the vocalist perform live, then she start having a feeling towards him.

8. You’re Beautiful


You’re beautiful tells a story of a group named ‘A.N.J.E.L.L’ who add a new singer to the group after find out that the lead vocal’s voice was hurting. However, the new member had to go to the States, thus her twin brother must replace him joining the famous band in order to get him out of trouble.

9. Stairway of Heaven


Stairway to heaven tells a story of a couple that were destined to be together even before they were born. Both of their family were close and thus they’ve grown up together. While everything seems perfect, one day tragic accident happened, cause him to have amnesia and didn’t remember about his first love.

10. The Call


The Call tells a story of two people in different times connected through one phone call. Thus connecting the past and the future.

By this phone call, they exchange their story and help one another up to the point where they can even change lifes and change history. However, what they thought will go smoothly, end up starting another journey into their life.

11. Cyrano Agency


Cyrano agency is a story of a special team hired for those having problem with their love life. Thus helping their client got the one they love. However, with different personalities in the team, we will see how each other reach to one another as well as how they help their client and see the journey of this dating agency.

12. The Royal Tailor


The Royal Tailor tells a love life filled with desire, lust and jealousy within the Sanguiwon during Joseon Dynasty. There’s a team of artisan, designer work together to make the royal attire for the king and queen. One day, the king and the queen embroiled in a critical case because of the royal attire made by them.

13. Miracle In Cell No.7


This is one of the best kdramas that will fill you with tears and love at the same time. This drama tells a story of someone mentally handicapped falsely accused of a crime and sent to prison. Later, his only loving daughter seek justice by being a lawyer in order to prove his innocence.

The sad journey start as the inmates in his prison start helping him to meet his only loving daughter. Together they make miracle happened.

14. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho


My Girlfriend is a gumiho tells a story of a normal college student with ambitions to be an action stars accidentally release a gumiho, a legendary fox with nine tails that was sealed inside a painting. Thus they land a deal in which she will lend him her mystical fox bead which increase his speed and strength, in order to do difficult stunts, and he helped her to be human.

After some time, they start building their chemistry and feeling towards one another. One day, she found out that she can turn to human forever by following the instructions in which she must drink his blood and place her fox bead inside him for 100 days. Little did she knew that this will end up in his death.

15. Evil Twin


Evil twin is a movies tells a story of a sudden awakening of a young girl during joseon eras in a peaceful joseon village. The odd is that this awakening lead to a series of grisly death.

Park Shin Hye Dramas and Movies

Here’s some of park shin hye kdramas and movies we can share to you. Which one of these you love most? Let us know in the comment sections below!


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