Top 15 Korean Movies and Dramas Featuring Park Bo Young!

park bo young kdramas movies

In this article we will share to you the top 15 best korean movies and dramas featuring Park Bo Young. If you are a fan of Park Bo Young, you want to make sure to watch these movies and kdramas. Let’s dig in.

1. Doom At Your Service

Doom at your service is telling a love story between a middle man a.k.a messenger of God with a human for 100 days. This dramas tells a story of an ordinary novel editor who lost her parents in her early age, and got diagnosed with brain cancer which gives her 100 days left to live.

While she pray for the destruction of the world, she ended up having a contract with a middle man between God and human for her last 100 days.

2. Abyss

park bo young kdramas movies

Abyss tells a story of two people who got a chance to revive back to life after died due to a fatal accident. However, they got the second chance of come back to life with different persona and appearance, based on their karma in their previous life.

In their new life, both of them begin to work as a lawyer and administrator at a private law firm trying to investigate this magical incident. Love start blooming in their life as they journey together to investigate the matter.

3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

park bo young kdramas movies

Strong woman do bong soon dramas tells a story of a women with a superhuman powers got hired as a bodyguard of a huge gaming company heir. One day a series of kidnapping cases arose in her areas and she manage to solve this case together.

However, their dangerous journey end up bring them closer together and water some love in their heart.

4. Oh My Ghost

park bo young kdramas movies

Oh my ghost tells a story of a timid introvert girl who have no friends suddenly got possessed by a seductress confident young ghost who plan on solve her unfinished business with her boss.

5. On Your Wedding Day

park bo young kdramas movies

On your wedding day tells a story of someone who got invited by his first love after roll coaster series of their love journey. They first met during high school and thus started their romantic relationship until one day, due to family situations, she need to leave the town. She left him unnoticed and makes his heart broken to pieces. 

However, the man still in love with her. One day, he found out that she is a student of a prestigious university, thus he study and work hard to get into the same college in order to get her back. He get into the same college just to find out that she is currently dating another guy and years later, she received wedding invitation of her loved one.

This dramas shows the roller coaster feeling of someone who try his best to get his love ones, filled with real life situation where you can easily relate.

6. You Call It Passion

park bo young kdramas movies

You call it passion tells a story of someone who continuously failed after applied for several positions. She finally got a job as a reporter at a sport newspaper company and find herself in chaos as she discover the dirty aspects of journalism industry.

7. Collective Invention

park bo young kdramas movies

Collective invention tells a story of a mutates human into a fish man due to side effects of an experimental drugs. However, this mutations propels him to be a star as a fish-man. As more people start knowing about this, some of them are trying to discover the truth behind this incident and might cause him to be in danger.

8. The Silenced

park bo young kdramas movies

The silenced tells a story of someone who got transferred to a boarding school where several students has been missing. One day, this girl learnt and try to figure out about the hidden secret of this boarding school that cause the principal to show her darker side.

9. Hot Young Bloods

park bo young kdramas movies

Hot young bloods shows a journey of love, rivalries and friendship between four high school student, a leader of male gang, leader of a female gang, a player, and a new transfer student that stirs up chaos in the school.

10. A Werewolf Boy

park bo young kdramas movies

A werewolf boy tells a story of a girl with chronic lung disease who move to the countryside to find herself met a mysterious wild boy that lives in a barn. Thus love start spring in their life as they journey together as she teach him to act like a human.

11. Don’t Click

park bo young kdramas movies

Don’t click tells a story of someone who started losing her mind after watching a forbidden videos. It is forbidden because it contains a curse. Her sister then asking her boyfriend who work for a special investigation team to help investigate the matter.

12. Scandal Makers

park bo young kdramas movies

Scandal makers tells a story of a young lady blackmails her alleged father who work as a famous radio host and former teen idol to shelter her and her son. However, as their age gap is close, people start assume that they’re a couple as they spotted together more often in the public.

13. Jungle Fish

park bo young kdramas movies

Jungle fish is probably the first dramas where park bo young get a main role. This drama tells a story of a school life experience where cheating and fake the report exist. More than that, this drama also focus on showing the tension of a south korean student during their exam period as korea is well known for their competitive culture.

14. Mackerel Run

park bo young kdramas movies

Mackerel Run is one of the drama where Park Bo Young once again meet with Lee Min Ho. This dramas depict the love story during the high school period that filled with rivals, complicated feelings and also friendship. This dramas also show how someone can be totally change because of love.

15. If You Were Me 4 (Relay)

park bo young kdramas movies

This film tells a story of a group of a teenager, school children that sneek a secret pet carrier that actually contains a baby. The journey start as the childrens begin to fight to keep the baby.

Park Bo Young Dramas and Movies

Here’s all Park Bo Young kdramas and movies we can share to you. Which one of these kdramas and movie featuring Park Bo Young you love the most? Let us know in the comment sections below!

park bo young kdramas movies
park bo young kdramas movies

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