Top 20 Best Office Romance KDramas!


In this article we will share to you the top 20 best office romance korean dramas you will definitely love. If you are a romantic genre lovers korean dramas, then you definitely want to add some of this kdrama to your watchlist. Let’s dive right into this korean dramas!

1. Business Proposal

Busines proposal is one of the must watch romance dramas as it filled with fun and beautiful romance journey between a CEO of a huge company with his employee. The story start of with someone who has a blind date appointment asking her friend to replace her going there. 

Little did she know that she found out that the blind date partner is her own Boss. Luckily, the CEO didn’t realize that she is one of his employee. To make matters worst, he sets on marrying her.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Se Jeong as Shin Ha Ri
  • Ahn Hyo Seop as Kang Tae Mu
  • Seol In Ah as Jin Young Seo

2. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

park min young dramas

What’s wrong with secretary kim tells a story of a long time secretary of a CEO of huge company decides to quit her job as a secretary. The perfectionist CEO then try to figure out why she ask to resign and thus begin their funny love relationship.

Main Cast:

  • Park Min Young as Kim Mi So
  • Park Seo Joon as Lee Young Joon
  • Lee Tae Hwan as Lee Sung Yeon

3. Forecasting Love and Weather

park min young dramas

Forecasting love and weather tells a romance story between those who work at Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. It started of as a senior and junior relationship, until it grew and be more into a romantic relationship.

Main Cast:

  • Park Min Young as Jin Ha Kyung
  • Song Kang as Lee Si Woo
  • Yoon Park as Han Ki Joon

4. She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty (2015) the best netflix korean dramas

She was pretty tells a story of someone repay the kindness of the loved ones during his  insecurity youth phase. At young age, Hye Jin rescued and help the unattractive Sung Joon through every awkward situations. Now Sung Joon overcome his insecurity, handsome and attractive, come back to repay the kindness Hye Jin showed him.

Main Cast:

  • Hwang Jung Eum as Kim Hye Jin
  • Park Seo Joon as Ji Sung Jun
  • Go Joon Hee as Min Ha Ri

5. She Would Never Know

underrated kdrama 2021

She would never know tells a romance story at a cosmetics marketing company between Song Ah and Hyun Seung. He becomes very attracted to Song Ah and thus trying his best to develop romantic relationship with her. However, she don’t want to date a younger man.

Main Cast:

  • Won Jin Ah as Yoon Song Ah
  • Ro Woon as Chae Hyun Seung
  • Lee Hyun Wook as Lee Jae Shin

6. Suspicious Partner

underrated kdrama

Suspicious partner tells a romantic story of a prosecutor and a his trainee, Bong Hee, that suddenly became the suspect of her boyfriend’s death.  Thus, the prosecutor leave his job as a prosecutor in order to be a lawyer and help his trainee prove her innocence.

Main Cast:

  • Ji Chang-Wook as No Ji-Wook
  • Nam Ji-Hyun as Eun Bong-Hee
  • Choi Tae-Joon as Ji Eun-Hyuk

7. Jugglers


Jugglers tells a story of a relationship between director of media company and his secretary. His secretary has obedient personality and running an internet community website other than being a secretary.

Main Cast:

  • Choi Daniel as Nam Chi Won
  • Baek Jin Hee as Jwa Yoon Yi
  • Lee Won Keun as Hwang Bo Yool

8. My Secret Romance


My secret romance tells a story of a chaebol having a one night stand with someone who never had a boyfriend all over her life. Three years later they meet up and start their romance journey.

Main Cast:

  • Sung Hoon as Cha Jin Wook
  • Song Ji Eun as Lee Yoo Mi
  • Kim Jae Young as Jeong Hyeon Tae

9. Crazy Love


Crazy love is a crazy romance kdrama telling a story of a man pretend to have amnesia after receive a death treat and his secretary pretend to be his fiancee after knowing she doesn’t have much time to live.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Jae Wook as Noh Go Jin
  • Krystal Jung as Lee Shin Ah
  • Yoo In Young as Baek Soo Young

10. My Shy Boss


This kdramas tells a story of an extremely shy Boss, CEO of a huge company. This personality cause his employee to be awkward and have a distance from him. One day, an energetic girl who work for him feels interest to him and plan to uncover who he really is behind his shy personality.

Main Cast:

  • Yeon Woo Jin as Eun Hwan Ki
  • Park Hye Soo as Chae Ro Woon
  • Gong Seung Yeon as Eun Yi Soo

11. Strong Girl Do Bong Soon

park bo young kdramas movies

Strong Girl Do Bong Soon tells a story of a girl with a strong supernatural power that work as a bodyguard for the CEO of a huge gaming company. One day a series of kidnapping case rises around her, thus she plan to solve this case with the help of her boss. As they journey together, the relationship start grew more than that of employer and employee type of relationship.

Main Cast:

  • Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
  • Park Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk
  • Ji Soo as In Gook Doo

12. Beating Again

underrated kdramas

Beating Again tells a story of someone who planning his revenge after found being betrayed by his own uncle who ended up took his father’s company. One day, he was diagnosed with a heart disease, given only little time to live.

Things change when he got a heart transplantation and got another chance to live, but with another personality. Later he found himself fall in love with his uncle’s secretary.

Main Cast:

  • Jung Kyung-ho as Kang Min-ho
  • Kim So-yeon as Kim Soon-jung
  • Yoon Hyun-min as Lee Joon-hee

13. Protect The Boss


Protect the boss tells a story of someone struggling to get a job finally land a job as secretary at a huge company. She later found out that she is assigned to Ji Heon, the spoiled youngest child of the owner of the company. Thus the romance journey begin.

Main Cast:

  • Choi Kang Hee as No Eun Seol
  • Ji Sung as Cha Ji Heon
  • Kim Jae Joong as Cha Moo Won

14. Rich Man


Rich man tells a story of an arrogant CEO of IT Company fighting a condition where he can’t recognize faces. This condition cause him to be very cautious and don’t trust people easily. One day, he meet someone beautiful and smart from a countryside wishing to work for his company. Thus the love journey begin.

Main Cast:

  • Suho (EXO) as Lee Yoo Chan
  • Ha Yeon Soo as Kim Bo Ra
  • Oh Chang Seok as Min Tae Joo

15. The Secret Life Of My Secretary


This drama tells a story of a perfectionist department manager who eventually found out who’s his real friends and enemy after losing his ability to recognize faces due to an attack. Together with his secretary, they try to solve the mystery while love start blooming between them.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Young Kwang as Do Min Ik
  • Jin Ki Joo as Jung Gal Hee
  • Kim Jae Kyung as Veronica Park

16. Her Private Life

Her-Private-Life-korean drama webtoons

Her private life tells a story of a secret life of a curator at an art gallery. One Day, a new art gallery’s director came in and interested with her. Thus he come in to her life, uncover every secret of her and change everything’s in her life.

Main Cast:

  • Park Min Young as Sung Deok Mi
  • Kim Jae Wook as Ryan Gold
  • Ahn Bo Hyun as Nam Eun Gi

17. Touch Your Heart

Touch your heart tells a story of someone whose career got huge blow after having her scandal exposed. One day, she earn a major role for an upcoming drama, yet to get this job, she must first work as a secretary of a lawyer. Thus begin the love journey between her and the lawyer she work with.

Main Cast:

  • Lee Dong Wook as Kwon Jung Rok
  • Yoo In Na as Oh Yoon Seo
  • Lee Sang Woo as Kim Se Won

18. Where Stars Land


Where stars land tells a story of workers at incheon airport. This romance drama revolves around a new employee who wants to be perfect yet made a lot of mistakes and a mysterious guy who has a hidden secret which cause him to keep distance with his coworkers.

Main Cast:

  • Chae Soo Bin as Han Yeo Reum
  • Lee Je Hoon as Lee Soo Yeon
  • Lee Dong Gun as Seo In Woo

19. Romance is a Bonus Book


Romance is a bonus book tells a romantic story of a handsome successful writer at a publishing company got a second chance to be with his first love. His first love is currently a divorce single mother struggle to find a job. She ended up getting a job in his company, and makes it more difficult to resist his feeling towards her.

Main Cast:

  • Lee Na-Young as Kang Dan-Yi
  • Lee Jong-Suk as Cha Eun-Ho
  • Jung Eugene as Song Hae-Rin

20. Radio Romance


Radio romance tells a story of an assistant radio program writer who loses her job after her radio program DJ suddenly leave Korea.

One day she got a chance to get a job on another radio program, with the requirement is that she must be able to cast a top actor as the DJ of their new radio program. Thus she keep approaching the top actor to take the DJ position.

Main Cast:

  • Yoon Doo-Joon as Ji Soo-Ho
  • Kim So-Hyun as Song Geu-Rim
  • Yoon Park as Lee Gang

Office Romance Kdramas

Here’s all the office romance kdramas we can share with you. Which one of these office romance you love most? Let us know in the comment sections below!


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