Summer’s New Soju Flavours Hype, Good Day’s Mint Chocolate Soju!

mint chocolate soju

In this article we will share to you a good news for soju lovers all over the world. There is a new flavor of Soju namely Mint Chocolate Soju by Good Day’s brand. As we know that the whole word is divided between two different groups, those who love and those who hate mint chocolate flavor. While Mint Chocolate flavor has been famous all around the world especially on snacks.


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Honestly I felt it more like a toothpaste, yet now Good Day’s are making a breakthrough move by making this taste as a taste of Soju as the hype increasing to not just snacks, but also fried chicken, almonds and toothpaste. Let’s see this controversial new flavor Mint Chocolate Soju by Good’s Day brand.

Mint Chocolate Soju

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The Good Day Mint Choco Soju will have an alcohol content of 12.5%, which is lower than the usual soju. The product is said to be aimed at the younger generation, which is why it adopts a packaging similar to the Good Day 1929 Soju, instead of the usual green-coloured bottles.

Unlike regular soju we knew, It’ll come in a transparent, light-blue bottle, with almost a mint-coloured tint to emphasize the refreshing effect and embodies a refreshing and cool vibe, couldn’t be more apt for the sultry summer weather.


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From what we know, the chocolate flavour will be stronger/more apparent than the mint flavour, which may cause some disputes among mint choco lovers. So at first sip, you will taste more sweet of the mint chocolate than bitter taste of soju.

This new flavor soju have lower alcohol content in order to aim a new market of those who are not into bitter taste and still love soju.


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Unfortunately, this new flavor is not currently shipping overseas. It is only sold at Korean convenience stores, such as 7-Eleven, CU and GS25, at the price of KRW1,800 for one bottle.

RM, IU and Lee Dong Wook Opinion

iu rm and lee dong wook

RM from BTS publicly said he doesn’t like mint chocolate flavor, while singer IU and actor Lee Dong-wook said they do. So this makes a separation between those who likes and dislikes this flavor all around South Korea.

Do you like Mint Chocolate flavor? Have you try this Soju new flavor? Let us know in the comments section below!

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