Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jeong Hwa Attended World Premier Movie ‘Eternals’

ma dong seok eternals

In this article we will share to you the latest news of Ma Dong Seok and ye jeong hwa that just attended world premier marvel movie ‘The Eternals’.

At this event, broadcaster Ye jeong hwa, Ma Dong seok girlfriend for 5 years, also came and attended the event together with Ma Dong Seok.

Ma Dong Seok on Red Carpet

ma dong seok eternals

Ma Dong seok appeared on the red carpet that was held in Los Angeles, USA, on October 18th, for the world premiere event of ‘The Eternals’.

ma dong seok eternals

Ma Dong Seok appeared in a navy blue suit together with his girlfriend Jeong hwa that wearing Jeans. Ma Dong Seok greeted Angelina Jolie, a hollywood actress who are also will perform in ‘The Eternals’.

Ma Dong Seok introduce Ye Jeong Hwa

ma dong seok eternals

Ma Dong Seok furthermore introduced Ye Jeong-hwa, his girlfriend to Angelina jolie and we can see that Angelina Jolie then spontaniously approached and hug Jeong Hwa.

ma dong seok eternals

In an interview on the red carpet, Ma Dong-seok’s was introduced as ‘Don Lee’ and he express his joy and gratitude to be able to join Marvels movie by saying, I am so grateful and excited. It’s an honor to be a part of the MCU. I’ve appeared in over 100 movies, but this is my first Hollywood movie. It’s a new beginning, and it’s meaningful to me.”

Ma Dong Seok and Ye Jeong Hwa

ma dong seok eternals

Ma Dong seok and Ye Jeong hwa have officially been dating since November 2016. Even though the couple has 17 years old gap, they’re able to continue their meaningful relationship without wavering.

The Eternals

ma dong seok eternals

‘The Eternals’ is a movie that tells the story of ‘the eternals’, an immortal alien race created by the celestials who have lived without revealing themselves for over 7,000 years, who reunite and working together again to protect humanity and face the oldest enemy of mankind, ‘Deviants’. This movie will be released on November 3rd.

Source: Chosun

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