Top 5 Facts about Lee Do Hyun, Best New Actor,Baeksang award winner!

lee do hyun facts

In this article, we will share to you the top facts about Lee Do Hyun, the best new actor based on baeksang awards 2021. If you haven’t know about lee Do Hyun, He was an actor that will be a lead role in Melancholia, and got his attention from youth of may and beyond evil korean drama. Make sure you read all of this facts to the end especially if you are Lee Do Hyun fans to get the most information out of it. Let’s dive right to it and find out these top 5 facts about Lee Do Hyun!

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Lee Do Hyun is a variety show celebrities

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Many of you doesn’t realize that Do hyun is also a famous and great variety show celebrities. If you are a Running man lovers, then you will realized that he was appeared on Running man three times. It’s very unlikely that the same guess came to running man more than twice unless he was liked by many audience and done a great performance during the show. For those of you who wants to see him on Running man, you can just check Running man episodes 496, 499 and 510.

Other than that, He also aired on another popular variety show Knowing brothers with Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Sang Hyun in episode 246. He has a really great sense of humour and it attracted many audience of Running man and Knowing Brothers variety show.

Do Hyun have an intellectual disable younger brother

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This is a sad news to hear that his younger brother had an intellectual disability, this was known during an interview with W Korea as he was talking about his family. So much so that he told the audience as when he was child, he once felt embarrased to have his intellectual disable younger brother.

However, things start to change when he learned that his younger brother was being bullied so much at school, up to the point he stood up for his younger brother and fight against the bullies to help his younger brother. Such a sad true story, but this things make Do Hyun confident and stop being embarrassed about his younger brother, evenmore he love him and take care of him.

Anyway, the condition of his younger brother is not so bad to the point he need to always dependent over other people. His condition currently is quiet good that he was able to get a job for himself. Do Hyun never forget his younger brother even after he is getting famous, he always visit his brother at his workplace each time he had free time.

Do Hyun has a perfectionist personality

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He always loved to perfom at his maximum performance, so much so that in the past, Do Hyun even chose to broke up with his past girlfriend in order to perform his best in his previous drama that he acted as a character who lost a girl he loved the most.

He really thought that his own real experience will help him perform much better in his role and portray this character really well. He really prioritize his career and perfection in his role that eventhought he wasn’t sure of why he even able to think about breaking up and even done it, yet he just do what he thought the best at that time.

Sadly for his ex girlfriend and Do Hyun, this drama ended up cancelled, however Do Hyun said he grew and learn from this sad and tragic experience.

Do Hyun Loves Night time

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We knew this from his own answer to a question whether he prefer to spend a happy afternoon at home or outside, and He replied that he loved to spend his daytime indoors while always love to spend the night time outside.

He loves to spent time watching movie, play with his dog and also sleep during daytime while he really loves to see and enjoy the ambience, mood and also night view of South Korea especially during summer and winter season.

He also walks with his dog at night as nobody around, so he can quietly and comfortably walk with his dog and also doing many other things like go to the gym, so he doesn’t need to queue to use a machine, but more likely he loves it because he doesn’t like crowds.

Do Hyun Dating style match with his character Gil Oh Dol

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Many people considering his dating style, so in an interview with GQ Korea, Do Hyun was asked about this question and he said that actually his character in Clean with passion for now, Gil Oh Dol, really matches his dating style in his real life as he felt he is also having straightforward nature in his blood and he is the type of person who is willing to give everything if he really likes someone. However, he is easily give up if the girl doesn’t response to his feelings and also move on easily.

Which one of these 5 facts of Lee Do Hyun you like the most? Do you already know about these facts? Let us know in the comments section!

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