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kpop merchandise online

In this article, we will share to you the best place you can buy KPOP Merchandise online. As we know the popularity of KPOP has been growing for so many years since first started by Girls generations, Super junior and Big bang maybe about more than 10 years ago.

These days, group like BTS and blackpink has drawn a lot of attention from the international world. More and more people are looking to find Kpop store to buy merchandise online.

Here is the list of place you can buy KPOP Merchandise online, if you plan to buy albums, apparel or merchandise of your favourite kpop idol group.


lianox kpop merchandise online

Lianox has a large variety of Korean clothing – including all of the latest fashion trends from Korean idols. Lianox tends to be more affordable. Further, the selection rivals (if not beats) many of the other popular Korean fashion websites. On top of this, Lianox has a loyalty program that offers many rewards if you regularly use the website or refer family and friends to the website.

Kpop Shop

kpopshop kpop merchandise online

Kpop shop is the most common and well known brand among kpop merch finder for it’s large selections and standard prices. Other than that, they offer many kpop merch from all type of artist from the most famous to the less famous one.

Daebak Company

daebak company kpop merchandise online

Daebak company is known for their korean subscription box like Kgoods box, K jewelry box and K snacks box. Daebak company selections of Kpop goods is definitely larger than the other sites. They also sell a wide-range of official products such as lightsticks, photo books and posters.


cokodive kpop merchandise online

Cokodive is a Kpop store that has items for every idol group and solo singer that you might never think they have it. Cokodive has a range of both official and unofficial goods with a really affordable and standard price, while it’s not the cheapest, but you can still find it quiet cheap compare to the other sites.

Kpop Mart

kpop mart kpop merchandise online

Kpop Mart products come directly from Korea and their prices is quiet standard. Kpop Mart has the biggest selection of light sticks compare to the other website you can find. Other than that, If you are searching for limited edition albums then Kpop mart is the place to go find it.


mwave kpop merchandise online

MWave is a website run by Mnet, owned by CJ , one of the biggest companies in South Korea. Mwave has a smaller  selections of Kpop goods, and the price here are much more expeinsive compare to the other. However, they offer signed albums.


yesasia kpop merchandise online

YesAsia is one of the largest Asian shopping sites you can find. It has a really huge selection of items you can find. YesAsia definitely focuses on album, however you can still find their selections of merchandise eventhough not as much as the albums.


ktown4u kpop merchandise online

KTown4U stock a lot of Kpop merchandise and  also offer a large selection of Korean fashion, Korean beauty products, Korean movies and more. While they don’t offer as much of a fashion or beauty selection as dedicated websites, they do have a decent selection. KTown4U also offers signings on some of their albums.

Which one is the best place for you to buy Kpop merchandise online? Let me know in the comment below!

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