10 Best Ski Resorts Near Seoul for 2022 Travel Experience!

korean ski resort

In this article we will share to you the best ski resorts near Seoul for your 2022 South Korea winter activity and travel experience. Let’s dive right to it.

Skiing In Korea

korean ski resort

Skiing is one of the hottest winter activities for koreans for years, and if you are looking for a place where you can learn how to ski or try this winter famous activities, then you can visit these 10 best ski resorts for your ski training experience.

Don’t worry if you are a first-timer itching to catch onto this skiing hype or a family wanting to spend some quality time together by doing something different as you travel this beautiful country. These ski resorts cover your every need. All you need to do now is get ready, pack your luggage and go.

1. Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort - Chuncheon, Gangwondo

korean ski resort

If you are beginners wants to try and learn skiing, then this might be fore you. This ski resort is easily access by subway and you can pair this trip with another attractions in gangwon region.

It has a few steep runs, plenty of accomodation nearby, short slopes and small park, which is best for beginner to learn and try skiing for the first time.

2. Oak Valley Ski Resort - Wonju, Gangwondo

korean ski resort

This ski resort was refurbished in recent years and has been featured on a Korean reality show which makes it quiet famous after then. It’s close to Wonju and also easy to access with local shuttle bus or cab ride from Wonju areas.

Oak valley ski resort is more like a family premium ski park which offers great facilities and signage using korean and english language. This place is also beginner friendly and have a longer slopes than Elysian, which makes it good for beginners training.

3. Jisan Forest Ski Resort - Icheon, Gyeonggi-do

korean ski resort

Jisan Ski Resort is really close from Seoul, which makes it great if you want to drive and having a short escape. The ski resort is quiet small, so it gets crowded real fast during the weekends. If you hate crowds, avoid visit this resorts during weekend. This ski resort can be a great option for beginners as the slopes are easy and smooth.

4. Yong Pyeong Ski Resort - Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

korean ski resort

Yong pyeong ski resorts opened in 1976 and definitely the best ski resort in korea, as it has the longest slope and home to 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. This ski resorts is both beginner and expert friendly as it offer various slopes that are match perfectly for all levels.

This ski resort has a max elevation of 1350 metres and wide variety of trails. Another great thing about this ski resorts is that due to it’s location, this place receives the most snowfall and so operates longer than the other ski resorts in korea, even up to late March. It takes 3 hours to reach this place from Seoul using shuttle bus or car.

5. Phoenix Park Ski Resort - Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

korean ski resort

This ski resort is next in line to Yong pyeong Ski resort, probably the runner up in korea. This resort is known as the most snowboard friendly resort among korean boarders. It’s also famous for appearing in the popular Korean drama, “Autumn in My Heart (KBS, 2000).”

Phoenix Park Ski Resort located near Yong pyeong in Gangwon region and have maximum evelevation of 1050 metres. This resort also offers a various slopes and top class facilities and accomodations which is great for most of you who love easy access.

6. Alpensia Ski Resort - Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

korean ski resort

Alpensia Ski Resort also located nearby Yong pyeong Ski Resort, yet compare to Yongpyeong, it’s quiet smaller than Yong pyeong ski resort. This reosrt has six main hills specialized for snowboarding including expert snowboarder areas and 1.4 km trail for beginners and intermediate level skiers.

7. High1 Ski Resort - Gohan-eup, Gangwon-do

korean ski resort

High1 Ski Resort is another best ski resorts that matched with Yong pyeong ski resort in terms of size and various slope available. Perfect for those who don’t like the crowd and long queue. Other than that, there are plenty of accomodations nearby, it has a proper snow mogul run and rail accessible which makes it perfect.

8. Bears Town Ski Resort - Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

korean ski resort

This ski resort is Seoul suburban ski resort with advance leisure culture that only takes less than an hour drive from Seoul, which is great. This place is beginner friendly, also have a long and wide slopes with a gradual incline to help beginner skiier or snowboarder learn and train themselves. Another great things is that the surrounding areas features local hot springs and restaurants.

9. Konjiam Ski Resort - Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

korean ski resort

Konjiam is really close to Seoul as it only takes about 40 minutes drive to reach this place. This ski and snowboard resorts is a family friendly resort with large numbers of trails available.

Great things about this ski resorts is that Konjiam limit the number of people on it slopes at one time and also have a daily limited visitors of 7000 per day, which makes it one of the best ski resorts during weekend and holiday seasons.

10. Deogyusan Ski Resort - Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do

korean ski resort

Deogyusan Ski Resort is definitely one of the most well known ski resorts in Korea as it is one of the three largest ski resorts in Korea together with High1 Ski resorts and Yong pyeong Ski resorts. They rely heavily on artificial snow as it’s located in a slightly warmer region of the country.

This ski resort has the most scenic layout compare to any ski resort in korea that we mention above. So other than skiing, you can expect to see a beautiful panorama await you at the highest summit of Korea, approximately about 1530 metres. The downside of this ski resort is that it’s located in Muju, which is not really close from Seoul.

Best time to Skiing in Korea

korean ski resort

Most of ski resorts in korea open from late November to late march, however the peak seasons for skiing is from December 15th to February 15th as it’s the coldest during this time with some snowfall happening all over korea. 

If you hate long queue and crowds, then avoid weekends afternoon about 1-3 pm especially if you’re going for beginner and intermediate skiing course.

How to go to Skiing Resorts in Korea

korean ski resort

You can go by both bus and train if you prefer to use public transportation. The best station to go all over korea is Jamsil Station, as it’s the central feeder point for all Seoul-area shuttle bus heading to the mountain areas from very early in the morning.

Useful Informations for Skiing In Korea

korean ski resort

Here’s some things to keep in mind and consider before go for skiing in South Korea.

  • The average cost for a full day skiing in Korea with rental equipment and transportation from Seoul is about 100,000 KRW.
  • Usually the accomodations nearby offer you a korean style mats on the floor, but if you prefer to sleep with bed then you can request it.
  • Bring photo ID if you plan to renting gear.
  • If you want to rent from rental shops out of the ski resort, you can ask them to drive you to the hill and pick you up with some additional cost.
  • Ski resorts in korea have various amenities and events to keep you occupied for a full day skiing experience.
  • All resorts have a professional lessons and first aid center by professionals.
  • Make sure you do some heat up before skiing to prevent any injury during your practice,

Korean Ski Resort

korean ski resort

Korea offers you various travel experience in every seasons in which this ski resorts are the best resorts you can try to enjoy your winter skiing experience to the full as you travel Seoul and south korea. Which one of these ski resorts you want to try? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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