Top 14 Korean Ramyeon absolutely worth to try at least once a lifetime

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Hi Guys, today I want to introduce you to a delicious instant korean ramen that you absolutely must try at your home country or especially when you visit south korea.

Korean ramen is really famous among koreans especially students in south korea for it’s simple, instant serving and delicious taste. It is also something that is easily available wherever you are. It’s also a great snack and can be enjoyed for quick lunch or dinner.

Let’s dive right to the list of top 14 korean ramenworth to try at least once a lifetime.

Buldalkbokkeumyeon 불닭볶음면

This Ramyeon is really famous among koreans, i guess everyone knows it. However, it’s not recommended if you don’t like or sensitive to spicy food. But if you have no problem with spicy food, then this one is totally worth to try.

Carbo Buldak Bokkeummyeon 까르보 불닭볶음면


I think what makes this one popular is because it’s fancy pink color, lol. However, it also taste good and also spicy. You can find it in all convenience stores. So enjoy it with a cheap beer.

Yukgaejang Cup Ramyeon 육개장 컵라면

Yukgaejang has thin, savory noodles with spicy and sweet flavors.

Ottogi kokokok – 오뚜기 콕콕콕

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Ottogi’s 콕콕콕 ramyeon is famous, for it’s various flavours and dry ramyeon without soup. However you can only find it in Korea, as it’s not really famous abroad, so you might need to taste it while you visit South korea.

Twigim Udong – 튀김우동

Twigim Udong is a great choice for light flavor and not spicy at all. As their name Udon noodle, this ramyeon are generally thicker than the other ramyeon.

‘Twigim’ means ‘fried’ in Korean. This ramyun is based on Korean fish cakes (Eomuk – 어묵), so it might not be good if you hate seafood.

Shin Ramyeon 신라면 컵라면

Shin ramyeon is strong and savory with a bit taste of spicy. 

Sesame Ramyeon 참깨라면 컵라면

This ramyeon is quiet uniquqe as it is egg and sesame based, come with really different taste to any other ramyeon. Anyway, this ramyun is not spicy at all, really strong sesame taste, and this is the first thing that you will notice when eating it.

Jin Ramyeon Spicy 진라면 매운맛

Jin Ramyeon is quite spicy eventhough not as much as buldak, chewy, less salty and greasy like other ramyeon in Korea. Good news is that this one is quite cheap compare to the other.

Paldo Bibimmyeon cup ramyeon 팔도비빔면 컵라면

This is the most popular bibimmyeon (spicy cold noodles) ramen option in Korea. 

To seve this one, first you need to boil the noodles with hot water. After the noodles are cooked and become soft, drain the water and mix in the bibim sauce with the noodles. Then it’s ready! Bibimmyeon can be served cold. So you can use cold water after you drain the hot water.

Neoguri ramyeon 너구리라면

Neoguri is a super famous brand in Korea because it tastes like a combination of ramen and udon mix together. This ramen is characterized by its extra thick noodles.

JJapaghetti cup ramyeon 짜파게티 컵라면

Credit to Donga

This is a ramyeon that is using jjajjang sauce in Korea.

Squid JJambbong Ramyeon 오징어짬뽕 컵라면

Credit to Kr misumi

Jjambbong is a popular Korean dish that mix seafood and a spicy soup, this ramyeon, is the instant version of that dish. The noodles are extra thick and the soup is a refreshing mix of oil spices.

Saeutang – 새우탕

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Saeutang is one of the best seafood taste ramyeon in Korea, this ramyeon has a really strong shrimp taste (새우 = shrimp) and has a pack of little shrimp inside.

Samyang Ramyeon – 삼양라면

Credit to Superkmart

This ramyeon is usual so to speak, original korean taste ramen, easy to eat and not overly spicy, makes it easy to match with all kinds of tongues and ages. Inside the pack you will find small pieces of ham, cabbage, red pepper, carrot, spring onion and more. 

So these is the list of 14 best korean ramen you absolutely must try at least once a lifetime. Which one do you like? or you have another choice? Make sure you try at least one of them before come to korea. 

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