Top 12 Best Korean Hair Style For Woman You Can Try!

Korean Hair Style For Woman

Looking for inspiration for your next hair cut? You’ve come to right place, in this article we will talk about the top and the best korean hair style for woman you can also try for you new fresh looks. We have no doubt that korean is the best in terms of fashion and beauty, including hairstyles for woman.

Here’s some point we will talk about:

  • The best korean hair style for woman.
  • The actress with the korean hair style we share.
  • The difference and best hair style for your looks.

Make sure to continue reading to the end to know more about these korean hair style for woman that you can and might want to try. Let’s dive right into it.

Table of Contents

1. Long waves

Korean Hair Style For Woman

Long waves korean hair style, known for it’s elegance and classy looks. This hairstyle is perfect if you want to attend a high end meeting or events yet you don’t want to spend much time on your hair. You can see this type of hair style use in many korean dramas by the actress who acted as CEO or leader of a company. 

2. Teddy Bear Curls Hairstyle

Korean Hair Style For Woman

Teddy Bear Curls Hairstyle is perfect for those who plan to get a perm and wish to have a voluminous hair. This hairstyle is easily manage and makes you look polished. If you want extra volume, then you can add bangs to help frame your face and makes you looks even more cute and fluffy.

3. Long Layered Cut

Korean Hair Style For Woman

Layered haircuts is famous among korean as it help frame the face, makes it looks more skinny and sharp. Park Min Young is one of the best model for this hair style. The best thing about this hairstyle is that this hair style give you some texture while not massively changes the way you looks.

4. Tousled Chignon Bun

Korean Hair Style For Woman

You can see Seo Ye Ji looks high class with this Tousled chignon bun korean hairstyle in It’s Okay Not To Be Okay korean dramas. This hairstyle is famous among koreans, because it radiates clean, fresh and smart looks. This hairstyle is also easy to get done and maintain along your day.

5. See Through Bangs

Korean Hair Style For Woman

See Through Bangs is probably one of the most well known hairstyle that most people already know or even try. This hairstyle is perfect for those people who have a huge wide forehead and still don’t want to fully close it up. This hairstyle help reduce and frame your wide forehead. Other than that, this hairstyle is really easy to maintain.

6. Half-up, half-down

Korean Hair Style For Woman

You can see the half-up, half-down hairstyle on IU and Seo Ye Jin radiates elegance and princess vibes. You can added crown braids and bangs that will makes you even looks more beautiful and high class. This type of hairstyle is perfect to use both when you plan to attend important event or daily work life.

7. Short Pixie Cut

Korean Hair Style For Woman

Pixie Cut is perfect for those who love simplicity and hate the heat that comes from having a long thick hair. If you are a super busy women who have a lot of things to do with a very little time to prepare, then this hairstyle might be perfect for you. This hairstyle literally takes little to no effort to maintain and still able to makes you looks fresh and masculine.

8. Choppy Bangs

Korean Hair Style For Woman

Choppy bangs hairstyle radiates innocent as well as help to frame and balance your face shapes. This hairstyle is perfect for you who want to try something new with your hairstyle but don’t want a total make over. More than that, this choppy bangs will help you looks younger and fresh.

9. Shaggy Wolf Cut With Bangs

Korean Hair Style For Woman

Wolf cut is getting more of it’s popularity since Hoyeon Jung use this hairstyle when she acted as Kang Sae Byeok, a north korean defector in the famous korean dramas Squid Game. This hairstyle actually looks even better on a round shape face person.

10. C-Curl S-Curl

Korean Hair Style For Woman

As you can see the different between C Curl and S Curl is that the C Curl permed only at the end of the hair (inward / outward), while the rest of the hair is keep straight. On the other hand, the S Curls comprise hard curl that makes your hair looks voluminous and wavier than the C Curl. You can choose based on your face and preference.

11. Korean Bob

Korean Hair Style For Woman

Korean Bob is great especially to those who have a curly or wavy hair. If you are a short hair lovers, then you can try this hairstyle the next time you want to have a hair cut. You can mix it with bangs if you prefer, and let the curls or waves of your hair frame your face. It will add more freshness to your appearance.

12. Hime Cut

Korean Hair Style For Woman

Hime cut might looks like a doll hair, at first it might looks weird and even radiates stupidity. However, as time goes by, this hairstyle gain more popularity and people start look at this hairstyle as cute and innocence. Thus this hairstyle gain much attention among many celeb as well as tiktok dancer.

Korean Hair Style For Woman

Here’s all the best korean hair style for woman we can share to you. Which one you love most? Let us know in the comment sections below!

Korean Hair Style For Woman
Korean Hair Style For Woman

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