Korean gym currently banned fast songs above 120 BPM due to Covid19!

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In this article we will share to you about the latest news about Korean Gym that currently banned fast songs above 1208 BPM due to covid19. Make sure you read this article until the end to get the most out of it.

The South Korean government has enacted a new Covid-19 rule in a bid to reel the pandemic in – Korean gyms are no longer allowed to play fast-paced songs on their premises. Although this new rule sounds ridiculous, we suggest abiding by it to prevent the government from pushing for harsher ones.

Background of this new korean gym rules

As the fourth wave of covid-19 start invading south korea, the government has decided to implement new rules that will help make the new case landslide and curb the spread of this new covid19-delta virus.

The background behind this new korean gym rules is actually the science that shows that covid19 delta can and might be spread through their sweat. So this new rules are meant to prevent the gym goers from breathing too fast and sweating too much that will ended up helping the spread of this new variant of covid19.

Covid19 Delta was informed able to spread and go through the air up to 2 metres, twice further than the traditional covid19 we knew on 2020. The government try to limit the spread of this covid19 delta from breathing droplet and sweat that came from too much exercising.

News been told, start from 13th July onwards, all gyms in the greater Seoul area will have to abide by the new measures. All sports facilities must close by 10PM KST.

There are some guidelines that the government already make for their gym such as:

  • Treadmills are limited to a only of 6km/h when in use.
  • Music played in gyms must not exceed 120 BPM, including during Zumba, aerobics, and spin classes.
  • Use of the showers in the gym is not allowed.
  • A time limit of 2 hours will be given to those exercising in indoor sports facilities.

Korean gym must follow the music suggested by the Goverment

As fast upbeat song was banned by the government, many of korean Gym start asking and wondering with regards to the korean government of what music or what type of music genre that are allowed to be played during their operational time.

The Korean Government has answered them by suggesting some songs that they allowed to be played in korean gym during their operational time, such as ballads song wildflower by Park Hyo Shin and Trot songs such as Brother tes by popular trot singer Na Hoon-a.

The good news for BTS Army living in Seoul and South Korea is that they can still be able to listen to Dynamite and Butter song during their exercising time as these songs fall under 120 BPM, 115 BPM to be specific. 

However, bad news for PSY Gangnam style lover, Boombayah by Blackpink, PTT by Loona and Kick it by NCT as these songs are all above and beyond 120 BPM, definitely banned by korean government.

Netizen response

Shortly after press release done about last week, korean government new rules got 7,000 twitter critics and comments concerning it. Some says that this new rules are nonsense as they must check on each people earphone on the gym and also check on the phone on what song they’re listening to, then turn it off if the rhytm is above 120 BPM.

This means more officials need to be stroll around korean gym all over south korea especially Seoul. This is really hard to implement, yet let’s see how it will ended up work out for good for korean people themselves to reduce the spike up of covid19 Delta in South Korea that was just increasing drastically these past week. 

A dozens more netizens also expressed their dissatisfaction with the new rules as they felt more restricted and exercise with slow songs doesn’t really match and helpful during weight lifting and gym class.

New Covid-19 rules in Korean gyms

How do you think about this korean government new rules for korean gyms in order to curb the spread of covid19 delta in all over south korea? do you think this rule will be effectively implemented and effectively reduce the spread of covid19 in south korea? Let us know in the comments section!

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