9 New Korean dramas in February 2022 To Fill Your Lonely Night!


In this article we will share to you the 9 new upcoming korean dramas in february 2022 to fill your lonely holy night.

As we know that february is the month well known for it’s romance and valentine, so we better filled this shortest month of the year with some korean dramas. Here’s the list of 9 new korean dramas to watch in February 2022. Let’s dive right to it.

1. The Driver


The Driver korean dramas is a realistic korean drama showing the hardships and challenges of a family life, directed by Kim Seung Woo.

This drama revolves around Ha Tae Joon family, Tae Joon is someone who just being fired and has no choice other than being a driver, just as it’s drama title suggest, to support his family and survive this brutal world.

Together with Mi seon, Ha Tae joon wife, they manage to get out of this problem together as Mi Seon keep supporting her husband no matter what they’re going through.

As you see how this family struggle to make ends meet and fight their way out of their misery together, it will give you joy and comfort realizing that as they fight together as family to thrive in the midst of hardship, so you can too, with your family.

Main Cast:

  • Ahn Jae-wook as Ha Tae-joon
  • Lee Tae-ran as Mi-seon
  • Ahn Kil-kang as Ho-cheol

Air: 2nd February 2022

2. Forecasting Love And Weather


As the title suggest, this korean dramas focus on the Korea Meteorological Administration daily activities and life of the workers, Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Shi Woo.

Jin Ha Kyung is a smart and balance workers that have intimidating appearance, while Lee Shi Woo is an intelligent workaholic that excels in his job. This dramas focuses on their journey as they work as a team and as love develop among the two.

Main Cast:

  • Park Min-young as Jin Ha-kyung
  • Song Kang as Lee Shi-woo
  • Yoon Park as Han Ki-joon
  • Yura as Chae Yoo-jin

Air: 12th February 2022

3. Twenty-Five Twenty-One


Twenty Five Twenty One korean dramas revolves around the life of Na Hee do, a professional fencing athlete, and Baek Yi jin, a reporte, who meet and start to know each other after their encounter at the Asian Games.

In 1998, both of them were highly affected by the financial crisis. The series follows the two characters who fight their way up in the midst of global financial crisis, they hustle to reach their dreams while develop their character, friendship and love.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Tae-ri as Na Hee-do
  • Nam Joo-hyuk as Baek Yi-jin

Air: 12th February 2022

4. Thirty Nine


Thirty Nine is a korean dramas revolves around three women who have been long time friends since high school.

They are Cha Mi Jo, Jung Chan Young and Jang Joo Hee. Cha Mi Jo is a women who have it all with all her wealth and successful career as dermatologist, while Chan Young is an acting coach and Joo Hee as a department store manager.

This drama depict the story of the hardship they need to go through together as a 39 year old women and how they overcome those challenges together.

Main Cast:

  • Son Ye-jin as Cha Mi-jo
  • Jeon Mi-do as Jung Chan-young
  • Kim Ji-hyun as Jang Joo-hee

Air: 16th February 2022

5. Crazy Love


Crazy Love is a korean dramas revolves around Noh Go Jin, a successful math teacher who just received a death sentence that he will be killed sooner or later. He lives in fear knowing that he will die at anytime and anywhere, so he fake his amnesia hoping it will cancel his death sentence.

On the other hand, Lee Shin ah is Go Jin’s secretary, a young women that was left with a limited time, even though she lives a good life as honest person and work hard.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Jae-wook as Noh Go-jin
  • Krystal Jung as Lee Shin-ah

Air: 21st February 2022

6. A Business Proposal


A Business proposal korean dramas revolves around the life story of Shin Ha Ri, someone who just heard that her crush is currently in relationship and got an offer from her friends, Young Seo, to replace her going to a blind date set up by her parents.

Realizing that she has nothing to lose, Ha Ri agrees to go on a blind date in Young Seo’s place. She gets a goosebump when she realize that her date is Kang Tae Mu, the CEO of the company where she works.

Tae Mu decides to go on blind date to fulfill his grandfather’s wish to see him get married, and so he plan to marry whoever he meet at the blind date. Tae Mu ended up proposes to Ha Ri without realize that she is an employee of his own company.


Main Cast:

  • Ahn Hyo-seop as Kang Tae-mu
  • Kim Se-jeong as Shin Ha-ri

Air: 21st February 2022

7. Kill Heel


Kill Heel is a korean dramas showing the real world of competition and ambition in a home shopping industry, where each one of the hosts strive to outperform one another in sales department.

Woo Hyun is a competent home shopping host, known for her warm and gentle personality who lives in a constant competition with Bae Ok Seon, a fellow show host.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Ha-neul as Woo Hyun
  • Lee Hye-young as Ki Mo-ran
  • Kim Sung-ryung as Bae Ok-seon

Airs on: 23rd February 2022

8. Sponsor


Sponsor korean dramas revolves around the life of Lee Sun Woo, a magazine editor and photographer who’s life was driven by revenge, and Han Chae Rin, a women with huge ambition and excessive desire and unlimited obsession for success.

Main Cast:

  • Lee Ji-hoon as Lee Sun-woo
  • Han Chae-young as Han Chae-rin
  • Koo Ja-sung as Hyun Seung-hoon
  • Ji Yi-soo as Park Da-som

Air: 23rd February 2022

9. Love and Leashes


As it’s name suggest, this movies is korean version of fifty shades of grey or 365 days, depicting a slave / master fantasy.

Revolves around Jung Ji Hoo, a straight laced, cold and blunt personality workers who have a weird sexual appetite. One day, Ji Woo, Ji Hoo co-worker mistakenly opens a package of Ji Hoo, revealing his sexual fetishes. Later on, in secret, they arrange a contract thaat will blow your mind.

Main Cast:

  • Seohyun – Jung Ji-Woo
  • Lee Jun-Young – Jung Ji-Hoo

Air: 11th February 2022

Korean dramas in February 2022

If you are single that is not ready to mingle, or even a couple who loves to watch korean dramas together, then these 9 dramas and movie will definitely give you colors for this february 2022.

Which one of these korean dramas and movies that you excited the most? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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