Top 12 Best Upcoming KDramas and Movies in August 2022!


In this article we will share to you the best upcoming korean dramas and movies airing in august 2022.

If you are a big fan of korean dramas, then you want to read this to the end and add some to your upcoming watchlist of korean dramas in august 2022. Let’s dive right into it.

1. Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist


This kdrama tells a story of a genius physician who work for a royal family faces expulsion after finding himself involve in a conspiracy. afterwards he move to a weird yet beautiful Gyesu village where he met an eccentric widow who work as a teacher.

Main cast:

  • Kim Min Jae as Yoo Se Poong
  • Kim Hyang Gi as Seo Eun Woo
  • Kim Sang Kyung as Kye Ji Han

Aired: August 1st
Stream: VIU

2. Emergency Declaration


Emergency declaration tells a story of a pilot who must make an emergency declaration following the mysterious death of a person onboard.

Main cast:

  • Song Kang-Ho – In-Ho
  • Lee Byung-Hun – Jae-Hyeok
  • Jeon Do-Yeon – Sook-Hee

Aired: August 3rd

3. Carter


Carter tells a story of a man who wakes up with his memory totally wiped out engaging in the hostage mission directed by a mysterious voice that came from a device implanted in his ear. He need to follow the direction in order to live.

Main cast:

  • Joo Won – Carter
  • Kim Won-Jung

Aired: August 5th

4. Hunted


Hunted is an action thriller following the life of two members of Korean Central Intelligence Agency who try to track down a mole within the CIA.

Main cast:

  • Park Ho-San as Young-Soo
  • Kim Soo-Jin as Chae-Jung
  • Lee Hyo-Je as In-Sung

Aired: August 1st

5. If You Wish Upon Me


If you wish upon me tells a story of a young man who is endangered at the end of his life enter a hospital to do a community service. Together with all the staff, they listen to the last wishes of people in their last breath.

 The story revolves around a young man who is endangered at the end of his life, enters a hospice hospital on the order of community service, and together with the hospital staff, listens to the last wishes of people at the end of their lives.

Main cast:

  • Ji Chang Wook as Yoon Gyeo Re
  • Choi Soo Young as Seo Yeon Joo
  • Sung Dong Il as Kang Tae Shik

Aired: August 10th
Stream: VIU

6. Stock Struck


Stock Struck tells a story of five people who are investing in the stock market involves in a mysterious stock meeting. Together they learn about life love and friendship through investing.

Main cast:

  • Han Ji Eun as Yoo Mi Seo
  • Hong Jong Hyun as Choi Seon Ho
  • Jang Gwang as Kim Jin Bae

Aired: August 12

7. A Model Family


A model family tells a story of an ordinary family in the face of bankruptcy get involved with a bloodthirstty drug ring. In the midst of a dangerous mission, they become a model family who stand up against the drug ring.

Main cast:

  • Jung Woo as Dong Ha
  • Park Hee Soon as Ma Gwang Cheol
  • Yoon Jin Seo as Eun Joo

Aired: August 12
Stream: Netflix

8. Good Job


Good job tells a story of an investigation and romance of a chaebol who work privately as detective, and a women with super vision who love to help others.

Main cast:

  • Jung Il Woo as Eun Sun Woo
  • Kwon Yu Ri as Don Se Ra
  • Eum Moon Suk as Yang Jin Mo

Aired: August 24
Stream: SKYtv

9. Seoul Vibe


Seoul vibe is an action blockbuster set in the days leading to the 1988 seoul olympics. The story is about a team of drivers who go undercover in order to dismantle a money laundering rings.

Main cast:

  • Yoo Ah-In – Dong-Wook
  • Ko Gyung-Pyo – Woo-Sam
  • Lee Kyu-Hyung – Bok-Nam

Aired: August 26

10. Unicorn


Unicorn tells a story of the crews who work at a fiction company McCom and how they navigate the chaotic battlefield of South Korean startups company.

Main cast:

  • Shin Ha Kyun as Steve
  • Won Jin Ah as Ashley
  • Lee Yoo Jin as Jay

Aired: TBA in August

11. The Law Cafe


The Law Cafe tells a story of Jeong Ho, a former prosecutor known as monster genius for his intelligent, and Yu Ri, a lawyer with 4d personality. The law cafe will be focus on the events surrounding a law firm that runs the cafe.

Main cast:

  • Lee Seung Gi as Kim Jeong Ho
  • Lee Se Young as Kim Yu Ri
  • Kim Seul Gi as Han Seo Yeon

Aired: August 29
Stream: TBA

12. Little Women


Litte women korean dramas is an adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s famous English novel of the same name with a setting twist is that this dramas will set in a modern day Korea. The story revolves around the life of three sisters with a real close relationship and grew up together in poverty. 

We will see how each of their ambition and pursuit face challenge as their lives wrecked by an unforeseen incident, which cause them to face against one of the most influential family in Korea.

Main cast:

  • Kim Go-Eun – Oh In-Joo
  • Nam Ji-Hyun – Oh In-Kyung
  • Park Ji-Hu – Oh In-Hye

Aired: August 27
Stream: Netflix

Upcoming Kdramas & Movies in August 2022

Here’s all the dramas and movies in august 2022 we can share to you. Which one you excited the most among these kdramas and movies? Let us know in the comment sections below!


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