Happy House Santorini, Enjoy Greece Vibes In Korea!


In this article we will share to you the beautiful pension in Suwon with greece vibes, Happy House Santorini. Let’s dive right into this beautiful santorini vibes pension.

Happy House Santorini


Most of you might think of blue crystal village in Asan, or Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan, when it comes to Greece vibes in South Korea. However, this one is literally give you a real experience in a duplicated Santorini vibes house. 

Happy House Santorini is a greece theme pension in Gyeonggi region where you can really feels like as if you are traveling in Santorini.

As we know, Santorini is famous for its beautiful white and blue color stacking buildings, thus this pension is modelled exactly like houses in Fira, capital of Santorini.

Santorini Vibes


Credit: @kimsm_92

The pension exterior looks like a castle with a blue and white color theme, the signature color of santorini. This pension is also located next to the beach, facing the sea, with different is that it isn’t situated on the mountain slopes.

Happy House Santorini Rooms


Rooms offered here have 2 storeys and rustic vibes, with three categories. All the categories of the rooms named exactly after the place you can find in Santorini, which is Oia, Imero and Fira.


The design is exactly replicate the Santorini houses, using arched doorways, white and blue theme.


The rooms felt homey, and just right to release all the stress you felt during the weekdays.


Credit: @gain_gram95

Some room offers a bathub next to the huge windows where you can enjoy your relaxing bath time with your loved ones overlooking the beautiful scenery.


You can also go right to the balcony to enjoy the beautiful endless blues of the sea.


There’s three type of room you can find here, Public, Private and Suite Room, with each one having it’s own facility and a little bit different in prices.

  • During the Weekdays from Monday to Thursday, the priced are between KRW 140,000 to KRW 160,000 per night.
  • On Fridays, the price range rise between KRW 140,000 to KRW 180,000 per night.
  • During the Weekends, the price range up to KRW 220,000 to KRW 280,000 per night.

Remember that the room are quiet small, even the largest is only afford to contains four people in the room. Most of the room are smaller and only able to contain maximum two people.

Happy House Santorini Facilities


Credit: @jjinddaking

Happy house offer a public pool where you can enjoy swimming with a beautiful sea views next to the pension. However, it doesn’t offer a private pool like the private pool in Santorini.


Credit: hagnasmik

More than that, you can also enjoy a playing pool with your friend and loved ones.


Credit: @kimyour._

Make sure to bring your white clothes to match with this blue swing photo spot, maximum aesthetic for your instagram and social media feed.

This pension doesn’t have restaurants, thus you need to bring or buy some ingredients nearby to do your own barbeque on the ground areas. If you prefer to eat outside, then you can go out to the nearby restaurant.

Happy House Santorini Information


Happy house santorini hasn’t being famous by tourist, thus you can get the highest satisfaction on your vacation with much less people in this pension.

This pension give you an experience of traveling abroad to the greek island and most importantly, it’s close, exactly in the outskirt of the gyeonggi region areas where you can just easily visit by car or taxy.

How to get there:

  • Take a Seoul subway line 1 and take off at Suwon Station exit 6.
  • Walk to Suwon Station bus stop. and take a bus no.1004
  • Take off at the Sangsaji Entrance bus stop.
  • Turn left and walk for approximately 50m, and turn right to walk down the path.
  • As you walk down the path, you will see see a path to the right.
  • Turn right and walk until you see Happy House Santorini at the end of the path.

Address: 80-30 Salgoji-gil, Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.


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