Han So hee Real Profile, Facts and Controversial Past!

In this article, we will share to you the news and truth about Han So Hee. We will share to you about Han So Hee Real profile, facts and controversial past that she experienced before. As we know that Han so hee was receiving a lot of critics for her appearance and role in one of her korean drama title “World of the Married”. However, this movie also makes her really famous and rise to the top as a new actress. So, what you might never know about han so hee? Let’s dive right to it.

Han So-hee facts you should know


Han So-hee is an uprising actress who have a great appearance as well as great talent in acting. Most of us who loves korean drama knew that she got a huge attention after she acted in one of the most controversial korean drama title ‘The World of the Married’ where she got both praise and critics for her role in this drama.

Currently So Hee is starring in Nevertheless korean drama where she acted as a university student who desperately fall in love with Song Kang, who is a playboy that just want to have fun with her. Make sure you don’t miss Nevertheless korean drama if you haven’t watch it.

So Hee also currently in negotiation of starring with Park Seo Joon in Gyeongsang Creature and offered to be a leading role in an upcoming movie Gentleman. However, we don’t really get a lot of informations about So hee as she hasn’t done many interviews or variety shows. But we will share to you the information and facts we got about this beautiful and talented actress. Here we go.

Han So-hee Bio

Han-So-Hee (1)

Stage Name: Han So Hee (한소희)
Birth Name: Lee So Hee (이소희)
Birthday: November 18, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 165 cm (5’4″)
Instagram: @xeesoxee

She made her acting debut in 2017 for the drama Reunited Worlds.
– She starred in the KBS drama special After the Rain.
– Her role model is Kim Hee Ae, her co-star in The World of the Married.
– In the future, she wants to act in a drama portraying a realistic romance story..

Han So Hee Real name is Lee So Hee

Well eventhough this might just a little facts about her, many people still think this actress real name is Han So hee, while her real family name is actually Lee, not Han. Just like many other actor and actress that have a stage name, she also choose her stage name to be Han So hee instead of Lee So hee. The reason behind it remain anonymous,  yet we can see that she actually using her real name on her personal SNS account.

She pay off her mother’s debts

han so hee work hard

On 18th July 2020, an anonymous user on an online forum revealed that a group of people had been scammed by a celebrity’s mother. Eventhough this anonymous user never did state the real name of the actress, yet he referred and give us clue about this celebrity as he mentioned to her as someone who became popular through her drama The World of the Married.

Since The World of the Married was So hee’s breakthrough drama, we can easily guess this guy refer to Han So hee when he mentioned it.

The story is that In 2016, So hee’s mother ran off with all the money in a private fund that she shared with a group of other people, which included this anonymous user. When the user contacted So-hee’s mother, she told her that she used up all of the money, yet she will try to refund some of them.

However, this user insisted that So hee’s mother must refund them in full, so So Hee’s mother just told them that she would be able to do that when her daughter successfully become famous in Seoul as an actress.

This anonymous user thought that her mother used up all the money to help So Hee to be successful. Yet we learn from So Hee response that her parents was divorced when she was 5 years old and she lost contact with her mother afterward, she knew about her mother’s debts when she was 20.

However, So hee always felt obliged to refund all of them and she did apologize as well as repay all of it as much as she could. However, she also learned that her mother ended up borrow more money under So Hee’s name without her permission or knowledge about it. This loans accumulated to a point where she could no longer repay it.

She apologize once again to the victims and share the story that she was immature to think it’s her responsibility to refund and pay all of her mother’s debt as this ended up led to more victims and endless behavior of her mother. We can tell that So Hee felt like her action in trying to help and be responsible for her mother’s fault ended up make her mother just doing worse and never try to change herself. Her sincere words and story got many hearts of people and many people support her.

She attended Ulsan Girls’ High School.

So Hee attended Ulsan Girls High school, and she majored in arts but decided to switch to actingas she enjoys to acing, talking to people and making friends. She move to Seoul when she was 20 years old.

She feels that Her Real Character is similar with her character in Nevertheless

han so hee fact

In So Hee’s latest drama, Nevertheless, she plays the role of Yoo Na bi, someone who doesn’t believe in love after a bad break up, yet she wants to dating and Na Bi ended up falling in love with a jerk, Park Jae on, someone who is a player.

During press conference, So hee told that while many people might think that she chose this role to get away from the bad image she got after acted in The World of the Married, the truth of the matter is that she felt similarity with Yoo Na bi character and that’s why she chose this role.

In one of behind the scenes interview with JTBC, Song kang told us that So Hee is really a Yoo Na Bi in real life.

She was criticised for tattoos and smoking

han so hee tattoos and smoke

As many other celebrities, after getting a huge attention from her role in the World of the Married, netizens and fans try to search her private and story life. They discovered some old photos of her with tattoos and smoking

Of course as this picture revealed by netizens, she got a huge critics as well as some who praise her for her cool badass image while some are feel bad about her tattoos and smoking behavior. However, So hee got all her tattoos removed as she started her journey to become an actress.

Some of So Hee’s friend try to defend her from this critics by saying that they have a double standards as many of male celebrities who smoke and having a lot of tattoos never got criticized and even got a lot of praise while female are almost always got hit and criticized as they do the same.

She wants to play a role of good and lovely character

han so hee good

So hee shared during an interview with Arirang Kpop that she would like to play the role of a bright and lovely character that show off her beautiful smile in dramas, other than she also wanted to played in a crime drama.

She was acted in a numerous KPOP music videos

han so hee MV

She starred in SHINee‘s “Tell Me What To Do” MV, Jung Yong Hwa‘s “That Girl” MV, Roy Kim’s “The Hardest Part” MV, and Melomance’s “You&U” MV.

In 2016, So-hee made her entertainment industry debut by appearing in SHINee’s music video for Tell Me What To Do. In this MV, she acted as a cool and badass girl who love to have fun and hang out with SHINee.

In 2017, So hee then appeared in Jung Yong-hwa’s music video for That Girl. This time, she act as a chic lady. In 2018, she made an appearance in Roy Kim’s music video for The Hardest Part, and So-hee also appeared in MeloMance’s music video for You & I, in 2019.

Her favourite lipsticks is Burgundy

han so hee lipstick

So Hee’s most favourite make up item is Lipstick, Burgundy coloured Lipstick, to be exact. She said that burgundy is a popular lipstick and she really likes the color they produced. She felt matches with her.

She felt like her eyes is the most attractive part of her appearance

han so hee eyes

Song Kang and So-hee participated in a fun interview that required them to answer questions using clay. As the interview started, they were asked about what they think is the most attractive part of their bodies.

So hee was confident and went straight to moulding her clay. She moulded her clay into the shape of an eyeball and said that her eyes are the most attractive because she has perfect eyesight.

While Song Kang also thinks that his eyes are the most attractive part of his body, he doesn’t have a perfect eyesight.

Han So Hee Drama Series

Nevertheless (알고있지만) | Netflix / 2021 – Yoo Na Bi

Undercover (언더커버) | Netflix / 2021 – Yoon Ji Woo

The World of the Married (부부의 세계) | JTBC / 2020 – Yeo Da Kyung

100 Days My Prince (백일의 낭군님) | tvN / 2018 – Kim So Hye

Abyss (어비스) | tvN / 2019 – Jang Hee Jin

Money Flower (돈 꽃) | MBC / 2017-2018 – Yoon Seo Won

Reunited Worlds (다시 만난 세계) | SBS / 2017 – Lee Seo Won

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