Halal Restaurant Week Korea 2021 By KTO Is Coming Online!

In this article we will share to you the latest news about the upcoming Virtual Halal Restaurant Week Korea 2021 by Korean Tourism Organizations (KTO) from September to the end of october 2021. Just For your informations, every year, Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) always hosts Halal Restaurant Week to cater to Muslim tourists by promoting Muslim-friendly restaurants.

However, last year, the event was brought online for the first time, due to the ongoing pandemic. As the pandemic has just increasing due to Delta variant, this year, the event will be held online for a second time. 

Halal Restaurant Week Korea 2021


Credit to Halal Restaurant Week 

According to the press release, Halal Restaurant week aims to promote Korean tourism and also make Korea a Muslim-friendly destination, especially we know that muslim are one major market that love Korea a lot, so Korea try to welcome the community by sharing the Muslim friendly destinations that they can visit while travel south korea. 

KTO also hopes to raise food-related concerns that Muslim tourists may have while visiting the country. Besides getting info on halal eateries, attendees will also get to receive discount coupons of KRW3,000 which can be used in 150 participating restaurants.

Participate in Halal Restaurant Week

On 27th August, 8PM KST to be exact, they will start the opening ceremony and it will be livestreamed on YouTube and TikTok worldwide.


Credit to @asnawi_bhr

For our indonesian friends, the congratulatory speech will be spoken by Asnawi, an indonesian professional football player that playing at Ansan Football Club. 


Credit to Speeker 

Afterwards, Chef Choi Kwang-ho (2014 Masterchef Korea Winner), will be demonstrating how to cook halal Korean food.


Credit to @jannah_korea

Other than that, Influencers such as Blimey, a Korean Youtuber that covers Malaysian culture, and Jannahkorea, a Korean beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, also will hold an offline talk to make this event even more exciting. The other influencers will also share their videos of korea tourist destinations and food recommendations and all videos will then be uploaded on KTO’s Youtube and Tiktok Channel. 

Virtual travel


From 1st September, KTO will releasing 10 Halal TV episodes for 10 weeks that offer muslim tourists a virtual travel. Each episode will be uploaded once a week on KTO’s youtube channel.


As we see from their poster, the theme of the first Halal TV video is Unboxing korea, which will cover famous korean tourist attractions and nearby muslim friendly restaurant that muslim tourist can visit during their travel later on. Bandung Oppa, one of Indonesia’s most famous Korean YouTuber, will be a part of Unboxing Korea.

The second video, Korean Halal Food Cooking Class, will introduce various of Korean Halal food recipes. Korean Halal Food Cooking Class will be hosted by Chef Choi Kwang-ho.

How do you think about these Virtual Halal Restaurant Week Korea 2021? Are you exciting to be a part of it? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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