Is it True that BIG BANG'S G-Dragon and BLACKPINK'S Jennie has been Dating for 1 Year?

G-Dragon and Jennie Blackpink

Credit to Kompas

BIGBANG Group Leader, G-Dragon was reported dating with Jennie BLACKPINK for almost a year. Dispatch, a media outlet known for paparazzi photos and up to date news on Korean celebrities has sparked a rumours that Jennie and Big Bang are dating. As quoted from Soompi, Dispatch reported that Jennie and G-Dragon has secret meetings for sometimes.

More than that, it was reported that they often meet in G-Dragons private luxurious apartment in Hannam. G-Dragon private apartment is really safe as Jennie can come right into the private parking spot and use G-Dragons apartment private lift directly to G-Dragon’s apartment without identity verifications. Dispacth said that it was Jennie’s daily activity to visit G-Dragon’s Apartment after the job is done, and it keep going on day after day.

The paparazzi photos feature G-Dragon riding a bike in a parking lot, as well as Jennie walking out of her car. According to reports, the two typically hang out at the PEACEMINUSONE owner’s penthouse in Hannam-dong, with Jennie frequently visiting his place throughout her busy daily schedule. Close friends of the two K-pop musicians are known to be aware of their relationship.

The relationship between BIGBANG Group leader G-Dragon and BLACKPINK Member Jennie is actually a well known secret all over YG Entertainment. Sometimes, even Jennie manager is reported to be the one acting as the driver for Jennie to drive her to and from G-Dragon’s apartment in Hannam.

On January 31th right after Blackpink concert known as THE SHOW, Dispatch saw Jennie leaving G-Dragon’s apartment early in the morning to the concert areas as G-Dragon’s car is also reported to be found.

Other than that, Jennie’s mother is reportedly known about her daughter relationship with G-Dragon and quiet aware of it.

However, responding to the rumors, YG Entertainment has stated that it is unable to disclose information on both Jennie and G-Dragon’s private lives. Stay tuned as we learn more.

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