10 Flirt Korean Words Used In Many Korean Dramas You Need to Know!

flirt korean

In this article we will share to you 10 flirt korean words that often use when someone wants to invite their partner, crush or loved ones for more.

flirt korean

If you plan to have a korean lovers, then it will be useful for you to know these words. Some of these words you might already learned from korean dramas while the other you might never heard of. Let’s dive right to these flirt korean words

Do you want to eat ramyeon? (라면 먹고 갈래?)

flirt korean

You probably already see this sentence a lot in korean dramas. This sentence can be used as a flirt code as an invitation of sex or can be translate as “Do you want to sleep with me?”. Most tourist and foreigners are aware of the code and meaning of this words.

flirt korean

This words began to spread all over internet after the 2001 movie One Fine Spring Day use this sentence as an invitation of sex.  The heroine, Eun-soo (played by Lee Young-ae), was the first to say “Do you want to eat ramyeon?” to her lover.

Do you want a cup of coffee / tea? 커피 / 차 한잔 드시고 가실래요

flirt korean

This sex invitation is mostly use by the older generation while the ramyeon expression is used mostly by younger generations (20~30s).

However, do note that koreans drink a lot of coffee and tea, so it can be tricky, the person ask this question might really invite you to a cafe during the day. It’s only a sex invitation if the person ask this question at night when all the cafes are closed.

Do you want to watch Netflix / TV Cable? 우리 집에서 넷플릭스 / 케이블 티비 보면서 놀래?"

flirt korean

Similar to the sentence we mention above, this also a korean version of american ‘Netflix and Chill’ words used when someone wants to spend the night with the opposite sex.

Do you want to see my cat / dog at my house? 우리 집 고양이 / 강아지 보고 갈래?

flirt korean

Most people think that cats and dogs are really cute and funny. So this words is really effective to invite your crush to come into your house for more. This sentence can be used if your crush is a cat or dog lovers.

Oppa, do you want to eat chicken? 오빠 치킨 먹고 갈래?

flirt korean

This expression is from AOA Jimin’s song “Call You Bae (야 하고 싶어)” featuring EXO’s Xiumin. The MV mirrors this, showing Jimin attempting to invite her date inside.

The line in the song’s is about her telling him that her parents is not at home and invite him to eat chicken together.

Just play a game and go. 그냥 게임 한 판 하고 가라.

flirt korean

This usually used by a person who never play a game but then asking the opposite sex to play 1 game together and go. This is direct invitation as we can play games everywhere.

I'll return the CD I borrowed, so come for a while. 빌렸던 CD를 돌려줄 테니 잠깐 들어와.

flirt korean

If they really borrowed a CD, they could literally mean what they said, but if they didn’t, it’s probably a way to invite you into their home.

Do you want to go to my house to eat what my mother's made today? 오늘 우리 집 가서 우리 엄마가 만든 거 먹을래?

flirt korean

This is a bold and direct invitation of sex. This sentence evoke a curiosity and usually the other person will naturally ask you what is it your mother’s made.

Then you can just answer directly, ‘Me’. This don’t need extra explanation and this can be bad if your crush is not interested in having any physical relationship with you.

Do you want to go see butterflies? 나비 보러 갈래?

flirt korean

You might already know this phrase if you already watched Nevertheless by Han So Hee. In the drama, you will realize that Park Jae eon is not just asking to see the butterflies but more like do you want to go to my place.

You can leave your toothbrush at my house. 우리 집에 칫솔 두고 가도 돼

flirt korean

This words came from the idea of inviting your crush to come to your house often. “You can leave your toothbrush at my house” literally means “Come to my house often.”

Flirt Korean Phrase

flirt korean

If you have a korean lovers, then this might be useful for you to understand what your partner really means when he/she used this sentence. Let us know in the comment section which of these words is really funny? 

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