Amazing Major Celebrity Act as Cameos In Several Korean Dramas!


In this article we will share to you the amazing major celebrity that act as cameos in several korean dramas that i believe you already watched. Let’s dive right to check out this cameos that cause lots of buzz!

Gong Yoo

squid game korean drama

I believe all of you who read this already watched Squid game, it’s the latest world wide kdrama hits since it’s first release. The part that most people are talking about is where Gong Yoo started the whole bloody games story by invite Gi-Hun to play a korean childhood games with him. His appearance causing buzz and lots of speculation of how important his role in season 2.



Bambam appeared as a guest of a nightclub in the very first episode of Jealousy Incarnate together with Jo Jung suk, the main character in the dramas. In this dramas, Bambam played a fierce role that just add to our surprise after seeing him as cameos.

Park Bo-gum


Park Bo Gum came out as cameos in the last episode of Itaewon Class trying to get a job at Kwon Na-ra’s restaurant. He applied as a chef that has an amazing cooking skills, which ended up got hired. 



Shinee’s Minho surprised fans and viewers as he made a special guest appearance as Key’s bully in Drinking Solo. In the series, he bother’s Key in school.

Park Seo-joon


Park Seo Joon came as cameos in Record of Youth, he acted as a famous host who presents the Best Actor Award to Park Bo-Gum’s character.



Krystal surprised all of us in the Legend of blue sea korean drama where suddenly she appeared in the plane where Lee min ho attended as a stewardess. It was super short role but still interesting to see.

Hyeri & Lee Sung-kyung


Hyeri acted as cameo in Record of Youth, yet she didn’t appeared together with Park Bo-gum, Hyeri acted as an actress who had interaction with Park So-dam’. 


Lee Sung-kyung’s cameo was a little more exciting in the Record of Youth, as she acted as an actress who shares a charged exchange with Park Bo-gum.



Suzy appeared as a special guest in My Love from the Star, as a student who secretly likes Do Min-joon. This was surprising and deserved a buzz as many people missed them play together.

Lee Jong-suk


Lee Jong suk appeared as a customer at Bok-joo’s father’s chicken restaurant. The appearance was very short but really sweet and making hima  good cameos.



TXT’s Yeonjun came as cameos in the last episode of Live On In Ji Sohyun’s ex-boyfriend. He received lots of attention as well as many other idol who appeared in the series.

Kim Soo-hyun & Choi Ji-woo


Kim Soo-hyun appeared as cameos In Crash Landing on You, the 2020 Kdrama hits. He acted as a North Korean soy that disguised himself as a village idiot with his signature bowl hairstyle and green jumpsuit even before squid game release.


Another buzzworhty cameo in Crash landing on you is the appearance of Choi Ji woo sitting by the window with a shiny background. She acted as a friend of Yoon Se-ri.

Red Velvet


Red velvet surprised all of us as they appeared in the last episode of Descendants of the Sun. Red Velvet acted as special guests who came to perform to boost the morale of soldiers by singing “Dumb Dumb”.

Kim Soo Hyun & Lee Joon-gi


Hotel Del Luna surprises us with many special guest, but one of the most buzzworthy is Kim Soo Hyun who appeared in the last episode as the new hotel owner.


The other buzzworthy cameos seen in Hotel Del luna is no doubt Lee Joon Gi. After acting together in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Lee joon gi and IU reunited in IU’s super hits korean dramas Hotel Del Luna. Lee acted as a priest who perform exorcism.

Kim Nam-gil & Jin Seon-kyu


Kim Nam Gil and Jin Seon Kyu appeared as cameos in the first episode of One The Women, together with Honey lee. Eventhough it was short, it was interesting to see them back together.

Go Kyung-pyo


My Roommate is a Gumiho is also a korean dramas with many special guest such as Han Ji Eun and Jung So Min. However, Go Kyung Pyo’s appearance as cameos probably worth the buzz.

Amazing Cameos in Korean Dramas

This was our list of special celebrity cameo appearances in Korean dramas that caused a buzz and viewers really enjoyed. Let us know if you have any other celebrity guest appearances you love in the comments!

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