Amoene Cafe, A trippy Cafe That Bends Your World!

In this article we will share to you about Amoene Cafe, a trippy cafe that will definitely bends your world. If you are a cafe hoppers and love to explore a new cafes, then you want to read this article to the end as we share to you the information about this cafe in Incheon.

Amoene Cafes

Credit to Amoenecafe

Korea is the house for tons of cute and unique cafes, this cute quirky Ameone cafe is a unique cafes located in Incheon. This cafe is the place where your reality bends.

Unique Design Cafes

Credit to Amoenecafe

As you can see, the first time you see this cafe, it looks like this cafe came out from a cartoon or fairy tale that you saw in the movie as it shape resembles two houses leaning it’s head to each other and thus bring all the roof, wall and windows lean with it.

Credit to Amoenecafe

Korea is a romance country, thus this cafe is no exceptions, you can find the love shape door welcoming you to come in and try this cafe with your loved ones.

Credit to Amoenecafe

As you enter this cafe, you can feel as if you are in a narnia world, where you got transported to another reality, not the normal one you living in.

Credit to Amoenecafe

One thing you don’t need to be worried about is that the floor is flat, thus you don’t need to try balance yourself as you take your orders to the table you seat on.

Credit to Clarissacindy

The toilet in this cafes is also bending, thus it might cause you not a little dizzy as you want to do your bathroom business. However, they also offers the regular normal flat toilet in the first floor for those of you who can’t stand this bending reality bathroom.

Spacious Interior design

Credit to Amoenecafe

This theme cafe is full of pastel bright colors both for the wall as well as the furniture, which give a cheerful feelings. 

Credit to Amoenecafe

The cafe is spacious and spans to two floors where you can find many different type of seats you can choose with your loved ones, from a wooden chair, wireframe lounge chair and cushioned.

Credit to Amoenecafe

They also offers outdoor terrace seating areas where you can enjoy your coffee while still be able to enjoy the fresh air outside.

Specialize in Cakes

Credit to Amoenecafe

While this cafe is well known for their interior design, this cafe is actually also specialized in sweet cakes and tarts, thus it will definitely fit you if you are a sweet taste lovers.

Credit to Amoenecafe

The cakes and beverages price start from around 5 dollars each and thus you can enjoy both cakes and beverages in this cafe for around 10 dollar.

Credit to Amoenecafe

One of their special menu is the grapefruit fresh cream cake, which have an unusual delicious taste that you can hardly find elsewhere.

Amoene Cafe In Incheon

Credit to Amoenecafe

This cafe is easiest reach with Taxy or car, you will find it hard to reach this cafe via public transportation, however you can still try if you want to use bus.

How to get here via Bus:

  • Take bus no. 3 from Nongdowon bus stop until at the Sekwang Apartment stop 
  • Take a bus no.59 until at Taekri bus stop, walk to the cafe.

Make sure to use Naver Maps to help you reach this cafe in Incheon.

Address: 1061-3 Seondu-ri, Gilsang-myeon, Ganghwa, Incheon
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 10am-10pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
Contact: Instagram

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