Top 5 Amazing Facts About Brave Girl Kpop group!

brave girls facts

In this article we will share to you about the top 10 amazing facts about Brave Girl Kpop Group that you need to know, especially if you are one of the Brave Girl Kpop Group Fans. Make sure you read this article until the end to get the most out of it.

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Brave Girls, the uprising girl group that almost never fails to top the Billboard, got famous and so viral early this year after their stage compilation video of Rollin get a huge attention from their audience. 

Brave Girls have been dominating in Korean music charts since the release of Rollin and their successfull summer comeback debut with their mini album Summer Queens on June. However, here we want to share to you the top 10 amazing Facts about brave girl kpop group that you need to know especially if you are Brave Girl Kpop Group Fans.

Brave Girls have their nickname based on appearance

Brave Girls fans start giving each members nicknames after seeing their successful live performance for The Republic of Korea Navy. Their fans give such a cute and easy to identify name for each member for general public. Here are their name made by their own fans.

Yujeong – Ggoh bok juah (꼬복좌)

yujeong brave girls facts

Yujeong is known as “ggoh-bok juah” (꼬복좌). Yujeong’s nickname was adapted from Pokemon squirtle ggoh-bok-gi (꼬복기) as she looks like that as she smiles.

Minyoung – Meh boh juah (메보좌)

minyoung brave girls facts

“Meh-boh” (메보) is a short words for “main vocal” (메인보컬) in Korean. Minyoung is known for her strong and beautiful vocals, which just explain clearly of her nickcname “meh-boh juah”.

Yuna – Dahn bal juah (단발좌)

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Yuna nickname is Dahn-Bal Juah (단발좌). It was taken from her personality as well as appearance to always having a short hair. Danh-bal is Short hair in korean language. Couple of her fans also noted that Yuna impersonated Wang Ja Rim from Naver Webtoon Love Revolution as both has same short hair and strong personality.

Eunji – Wang noon juah (왕눈좌)

eunji brave girls facts

Eunji was named Wang noon juah in korean language as Wang-Noon actually means big eyes in korean language. This nickname was taken from her beautiful big eyes looks. Back in her history in elementary school during her study, many of Eunji’s classmate was really wondering and curious of how big her eyes can be, so some of them measure it at her peak big eyes and it turns out 2cm in diametres which is consider really big in south korea.

Yuna got a coffee barista license


Few days before her new compilations video of Rollin went viral and get huge attention from the audience, Yuna just revealed that she eventually finished and attained her barista license in December 2020 to be exact.

In her live instagram, Yuna mentioned that she was thinking of what she will do after Brave Girls disbands, she always wanted to work as a Barista for a really long time and actually done it few times working as a part-time at a cafe when Brave Girls were on waiting period. 

Her experienced as a part-time coffee barista ended up fuelled her dream to become a real full timer barista and so she took a barista certification course as a step towards her dream.

Yujeong was an icon for Maxim Korea

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Credit to MAXIM Korea

Yujeong Brave Girls was chosen and selected to be the cover model for Maxim Korea on June 2017. Yujeong looks very cute and beautiful yet so sexy and enticing on a tennis court background. Yujeong is well known for her healthy and sexy figure that was perfect for the theme of the sporty and sexy photoshoot.

Eunji major study in Film & Musical in Myongji University

eunji brave girls facts

Eunji Major study in Film and Musical Myongji University and actually plan to becoming a musical theatre actress. Eunji mentioned that she plans on acting in musicals after Brave Girls separated and stop their debut. 

This Brave Girls Korean pop group was indeed almost on the verge of disbandment not long ago, but thanks to the success of Rollin’, which revived Brave Girls, that actually makes her plan in musical career to be put on hold for now.

Minyoung's Legs was Featured in the album cover of High Heels

minyoung brave girls facts

This leg that was featured in the album cover of high heels has made a lots of their audience curious of whose white leg that was featured in their cover album. In an interview with Xsportnews, Minyoung mentioned that she used to be known for her pretty white legs.

Back then during the preparation of their release of high heels in 2016, Minyoung was suddenly asked to meet the CEO. This conversations turned out to be something really good as the CEO wanted to lend her legs for the album’s cover image. That’s how her leg ended up being in the album cover of high heels in 2016.

Which one of these facts really excites you? have you known about these 5 facts? Let us know in the comments sections below!

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