Jisoo Blackpink became the target of Haters after Selfie using Iphone!


In this article we will share to you the latest news about Jisoo blackpink that just became a target for bully by haters all over the internet right after her selfie using iphone. It is common that we saw celeb advertise many different products through out their career life as their income source.


KPOP Group BLACKPINK has quickly gone on becoming one of the biggest endorsement models in the world. Literally whatever they touch just prosper and successful by the influence they have. However, we will find out why netizen start throwing out Blackpink Jisoo with negative comments after seeing her using apple products for her selfie.


Credit to @sooyaaa__

Lately, Blackpink has just uploaded their latest selfie through instagram to show their latest news to their fans.


Credit to @sooyaaa__

Jisoo posted her picture on her instagram page with caption “Wow, I barely changed it. New Phone, cute case”. After posting her picture that originally was meant to only showing their fans about her latest news in their life, some netizen just start throwing her a negative bully comments, all because they saw she changed her phone to an iPhone.


Credit to Samsung ads x blackpink

Blackpink was famously known for being a model ambassador for Samsung A80 Galaxy phone. However, their contract with Samsung ended back then in August 2020. Still, despite the knowledge of all this, netizen still mad at Jisoo over her sudden change to Apple iPhone.


Jisoo comment’s section filled with hate comments regarding her lack of “loyalty” to Samsung brand.

  • “She has no freaking loyalty…so f*cking filthy.”
  • “Jisoo-sshi, I used to be a fan but this changed my perspective. They gave you money and an app. Also, they’re a brand that is keeping South Korea up and running. So with that said, was all of this necessary? I was looking forward to ‘Snowdrop’ with high anticipation to watch pretty Jisoo-sshi. However, I find myself getting disappointed over something like this. I think I find Samsung, the brand that’s keeping South Korea alive, more precious than you Jisoo.”
  • “ㅋ Samsung will never use BLACKPINK ever again ㅋ”
  • “What you mean you barely changed it…you should have picked your words carefully while thinking about your future potential endorsement deals..”

Credit to Samsung ads x blackpink Jisoo

The hateful comments came without a logical reason considering Jisoo’s previously has taken a picture using an iphone.


Credit to blackpink

Other than that, Jisoo is not the only Blackpink member to do selfie using an iPhone. Other members like Lisa, Rosé, and Jennie used an iPhone back then as well, both during and after their Samsung contract concluded.


Credit to theqoo

That’s why Blink (The name for Blackpink loyal fans), have been so confused with the current ongoing hatred towards Jisoo.

  • “Are they still under contract with Samsung? If not, what’s the big deal.”
  • “Wow, they’re so creepy.”
  • “Wow, so just because they’re in a contract with Samsung means they can’t take a selfie on an iPhone??”
  • “Why are they like that.”
  • “Is this what an inferiority complex looks like.”
  • “Their contract ended ages ago so why are they being like this. There are way too many weirdos out in the world. YG, you guys need to start suing.”
  • “Why do they care so much about what phone others are using.”

Credit to @sooyaaa__

This might be hard for Jisoo and the other blackpink member to know and receive lots of hatred from netizen just because one single post with an iPhone. However, we hope that Blackpink will be stronger and able to handle this bully by the haters.

While hoping the best for blackpink and Jisoo, BLINK all over the world can not wait to see Jisoo’s upcoming K-Drama ‘Snowdrop’ that will be premiere on December 2021.

Source: Insight and theqoo

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