Best Korean Drama Websites: 14 Sites To Watch KDrama Online With Subtitle For Free!


Looking for the best sites to watch korean drama online with subtitle for free? Look no further, in this article I will share 14 best korean drama websites to stream with subtitles! While Netflix definitely is the best place to watch any korean dramas online, unfortunately netflix is not free and may not available in your country. 

That’s why I do some research and surf the internet just to find the best korean drama websites for you to be able to watch your favourite Korean dramas with subtitles. After hours of surfing the net, I found 14 best korean drama websites to watch Korean drama online with subtitles!

However, since this is free, I can’t guarantee the safety and convenient to watch on these website. So make sure to turn on your anti virus before get into these websites!

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Best Korean Drama Websites

In case you don’t have enough resources to subscribe to Netflix or have no access to them, here’s some alternatives you can choose to watch korean dramas with subtitles for free. Let’s dive right into it.

1. YouTube


While most of you might think Youtube is only place for trailers and promotion video clip of a movie, you are wrong. Some of korean dramas was uploaded by the officials, like Korea TV channel, which means they have a subtitle as well.

Some of the youtube channel you can access to watch kdramas are SBS and KBS, with the best thing is that this sites is super safe and free.

2. Viki


When it comes to netflix alternatives for korean dramas streaming, Viki is what comes to mind for most of kdramas lover. This website offers you many popular korean dramas to watch for free, yet not all. While some of the best korean dramas might need Viki Pass (paid), yet they still have lots of free popular kdramas with subtitles for you.

3. Viu


Viu is one of the most popular korean dramas online watching websites as it is easy to navigate and also free, with most of their content is in HD. They really take care and update the website regularly which makes drama lovers would just keep checking on if there’s another new dramas to watch.

4. KissAsian

korean drama websites

Kissasian is actually my best alternatives when I want to watch korean dramas online that is not available on my paid program. This website offer you not just kdrama, but also chinese drama, thai drama, and Taiwan drama. The best part is that all the dramas are already have english subtitles and good quality display.

Other than that, this website is very mobile friendly, which means you can easily watch it on phone while you are waiting for someone, drink your coffee or wherever you are. The downside is that they have a lot of ads.

5. Dramanice


Dramanice website offers you korean dramas, asian dramas, movies and show that will definitely fulfill your thirst and hunger of dramas, romance and love. this website is probbaly one of the biggest sites to watch dramas and K show free with english subtitles.

6. MyAsianTv


My Asian TV offers a hit and high quality Korean Shows, Korean Dramas, Hongkong, Chinese and Asian. You can download the dramas you would like to watch. However, this website is not available in all country, so depends on your country, it might be or not be for you.

7. Dramacool


This website is just same like another website we mention above, with the difference is that you are able to download the dramas and movie you want if you make an account and log in their website.

You can easily navigate the dramas you wanted by their filter categories, from release years, genre, country and status.

8. ViewAsian


Viewasian website offers you many various server where you can try to watch the dramas you wanted. As the name suggest, this website offers you all asian dramas and movies you want for free. However, the downside is that they have lots of ads just like kissasian.

9. AnimeTV


While it’s name is AnimeTV, this website is not just about japanese anime, but also korean dramas and korean anime series. If you are an anime lovers, both japan and korean, then you will love this sites, and you can just stream it online without create an account.

10. KDramahood


Drama Hood is great option for those who love fast speed website and normal ads. However, this website only allows few servers for you to choose compare to another website. This website also offers you korean movies, other than dramas.

11. DramaDay


DramaDay is a free website that offers you various dramas to download from multiple websites, they don’t offer a streaming or watching dramas on their website. 

12. FDrama


Fdrama is an up to date free online streaming website to watch korean dramas with english subtitles. This website is also has a great user interface and fast speed, which is great for a free website. The downside is that they have lots of ads.

13. Dramago


Dramago is another alternatives who offers a top notch and super popular korean dramas, which really help for those newbies kdrama viewers that don’t know where to start.

14. OneTouch TV


OneTouch TV is a great place for you who love easy-function website-more like apps experience. The best thing other than easy user interface is that there are no ads on their website. They offers Thailand and also chinese dramas in case you are interested.

Free Korean Drama Website

These are all the korean drama website for you to stream your kdrama online with subtitles for free! Some of these sites actually quite comfortable to use, especially because they offers complete english subtitles that makes it really convenient for viewers. However, most of them put a lot of ads which is annoying most of the time!

Make sure to use these sites properly and safely, try not to click any ads that will link you to anonymous websites. You can access those website through your smartphone or computer anywhere you prefer. Some of them have a great user interface and quite easy to navigate. I wish this article help you and I hope you enjoy your korean dramas!


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