BeeVi, Toilet Bowl in South Korea That Rewards You For Pooping!


In this article we will share to you the good new about BeeVi, new toilet bowl in South korea that rewards you for Pooping. Who don’t wanna get paid while pooping, this is a new breakthrough of toilet bowl in south korea.

While many people think of poop as something useless and wasting time in bathroom or toilet, this one actually really productive and also earn you some money. Learn to know how this can happen below as we talk about it. Alright let’s dive right to it.

Smart Toilet Bowl BeeVi

If you’re a person who are blessed with normal poop body system and healthy body, then you will be really grateful to hear the news of Beevi, a literally toilet bowl that converts your waste for good. Finally you can be productive eventho while you are releasing your waste.

Professor Cho Jae Won, Founder of BeeVi



The toilet bowl was created because Professor Cho Jae Won. He believes that we could and should make everything good out of everything in our lives. In this case, He felt that poop could be a good source of energy. 

Rather than just letting it go to waste, he believe that it could be recycled and even power natural gas cars, in this case 500g of poop can yield as much as 50 litres worth of methane gas. The methane gas produced is also used to power electrical appliances in the research centre.

How BeeVi Works Turning Waste For Good


Credit to 대학지성

Here is the picture of BeeVi mechanism of how this BeeVi toilet bowl works. Beevi Toilet Bowl actually works like this system, first a vacuum pump is used to send poop down into an underground tank, and the bacteria in the tank breaks it down into methane. This way, the BeeVi toilet bowl saves water while producing energy at the same time, this Beevi toilet bowl is really killin it.

Apart from being converted into green energy, poop can also be converted into money. Professor Cho has come up with a digital currency called “Ggool”, which means honey in Korean language, that BeeVi toilet bowl users can make use of everytime they finished poop in this toilet bowl.



Upon completion of your poop stuff in the toilet bowl, you can scan a QR code located next to the toilet bowl and earn 10 Ggool each time you poop. The Ggool you’ve earned can be used to purchase items on the Ggool Market, which carries goods such as cup noodles, accessories, household items, and books. So your waste now can be used to literally buy something, even buy some noodles to create more waste out of your belly.

BeeVi available only in Korea

Currently and unfortunately for now, BeeVi can only be found at UNIST | Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology and there’s actually not much information on whether it’ll be adopted nationwide or even worldwide. However, let’s hope that this BeeVi toilet bowl will eventually go nationwide and worldwide as this is really a breakthrough of science and technology and breakthrough in our whole society as a human being.

How do you think about BeeVi toilet bowl? have you ever think of this idea? have you even try this toilet bowl? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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