All Of Us Are Dead Interesting Facts You Never Know!

all of us are dead facts

In this article we will share to you the interesting and thrilling facts about the latest hits of All Of Us Are Dead that you never know before. 

all of us are dead facts

All of Us are dead is an apocalypse korean dramas tells a story of a students who were isolated and trapped in a high school as a virus outbreak happened. The first infected person transformed into a zombies and quickly spread the virus through contacts and eating the other. Students that was trapped inside the school now become the survivor and fight for their lives.

Here’s some interesting fact we knew about this korean dramas that you never know before! Let’s dive right into it.

1. Hyosan High School Was A New Set Up School

all of us are dead facts

Hyosan High school building was not a real school, it was a four storey building set up stage for this korean dramas. This set up school was created with such a realistic details of a school, including science laboratorium, books library, as well as music room.

2. Based on Famous Webtoon

all of us are dead facts

This kdramas is based on a 2009 korean webstoon titled Now At Our School by Joo Dong Geun. This webtoon was marked as one of legendary webtoon in terms of Korean Style Zombie Webtoon.

3. Park Ji Hoo Is The Only Real High School Students

all of us are dead facts

Nam on Jo, who was played by Park Ji Hoo was the only real high school student in the korean dramas. She was called ‘Baby Angel’ by the other seniors. Sometimes Ji Hoo need to study for midterms and afterwards go to the set. All of the seniors are kind to her and very supportive. After graduated and go to college, she is majored in Theatre and Film in Hanyang University.

4. Green Color Uniform Was Chosen To Contrast the blood!

all of us are dead facts

Director Jae Kyu tols us that he chose the green color for the students uniform to bring out the red blood color and so added the intensity of the movies. Green and Red are a total opposite on the colour wheel, which is great in making some contrast to gain attention.

5. Park Solomon’s MBTI is INFP-T

all of us are dead facts

Park Solomon shared his MBTI personality to be INFP-T, which is a Turbulent Mediator based on the 16 personality test and known as someone who were frank with their emotions.

6. The Scene Of Cho Yi Hyun’s Playing Drums Impressed the Director

all of us are dead facts

There’s a scene in the dramas where the students trying to survive by distract the zombies through musical instruments. During that scene, Cho Yi Hyun’s got a role of someone who is playing drum. The director said he was impressed by the immersion Cho Yi Hyun showed during the scene.

7. Lim Jae Hyuk Is The Composer Of Campfire Song

all of us are dead facts

Lim Jae Hyuk as Yang Dae su, known to be an aspiring singer who has ‘legendary views’ on youtube. Knowing this, the director challenged him to compose a special song for the campfire rooftop scene, as they got some peace and quiet time.

Jae Hyuk start to compose the song for the rooftop scene with the mindset of ‘what would a kids desire in the midst of the scene’ and so he started with ‘Let’s go home’.

8. Yoo In Soo and Yoon Chan Young are Real Friends!

all of us are dead facts

Even though this duo were rivals in the dramas, It was revealed during a press conference that both Chan Young and In Soo often go together to the karaoke room to sing ballads. They even live nearby and so often had a late night deep talk on their day off.

9. Park Solomon bedridden After Some Intense scene

all of us are dead facts

All of us are dead korean dramas is an intense korean dramas with lots of intense action scenes which makes most of the actors had to go through tough training for months before the shooting.

The effect of this intense scene also cause park Solomon bedridden for about three days and even needed some acupuncture help to reduce the pain. 

10. All Of The Zombie Actors Learn Zombie Choreography

While most of us might think that being zombie is the easiest acting that no need choreography, the truth is Zombie acting is hard. They need to learn zombie choreography to makes the scene became as realistic as possible.

11. This Dramas intentionally Target and Cast New Youth

The series cast a high school student and set in a high school background, which makes the director must cast the new youth to makes it even more real and relatable to the youth audience.

12. The Cafeteria Scene Was One Take Shot Filming

The scene above involved about 200 crew members and actors, a huge scenario which we might think will take some shot before it was done. However, this difficult and iconic scene was done in one take. The Director revealed that he use this one take technique in order to keep the authenticity of the scene. Because this scene is using one take technique, the whole crew and members prepare themselves for this scene.

All Of Us Are Dead facts

all of us are dead facts

Here’s some facts we know about the latest apocalypse korean hits All of us are dead. Hopefully there will be a season two concerning the vaccine and the ending. Have you watched this korean dramas? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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