Rising ‘actor K’ was accused of forcing his ex-girlfriend to do abortion!

actor k abortion

In this article we will share to you the latest news about Rising ‘actor K’ that was accused of forcing his ex-girlfriend to do abortion to save his career.

actor k abortion

On October 17, a long post on social media went viral from someone initial ‘A’ accusing a rising actor K for forcing his girlfriend to do abortion.

I said that I would secretly raise the child on my own, and it’s alright to announce it later, I would sacrifice. My uterus and body were weak from an early age, so it was quite difficult for me to have a baby.  The doctor advised me to keep the baby because if I had an abortion, I might never conceive again. I felt confused and scared when I suddenly got pregnant, but the thought of having a baby with someone I love gave me the strength.  So I called K from the hospital, letting him know that if I got rid of the baby now, it would be difficult to conceive in the future. Is there any woman who doesn’t want to give birth to a child for the person she loves?  I wanted to hear K say that he would take responsibility like other men. I screenshot his reply in KakaoTalk. He texted back as if he was convinced, saying that he would take responsibility, but when he saw me in person, it was different.

Ms. A

The press claimed that they had taken photos of our date, so K’s management company used to be under pressure. He asked me to delete our photos, and even deleted them directly on my computer.

Ms. A

He didn’t give me one sincere apology, or even thought that abortion was wrong. If I don’t speak up, I won’t be able to live normally for the rest of my life, after all the sufferings because of the pain he brought.

Ms. A
actor k abortion

Before they did unprotected sex that leads to abortion, Ms. A, shared that K seduced her with a promise of marriage. However, after got pregnant, K influence A to abort the baby or he would face the risk of break the contract and pay 900 million won for breaking the contract.

actor k abortion

Long story short, after Ms. A had an abortion, the rising actor K only paid 2 million won for abortion procedures and broke ties with Ms. A through the phone 4 month ago, with excuse of continuing the relationship will damaged his career further.

Ms.A further accusations

actor k abortion

Ms. A gave a hint that he laughed when actor K was criticized for shouting on tv programs, as K’s original attitude was very bad, totally opposite with what he shown on the screen, “He often gossips about his seniors, colleagues, directors and everyone around him”, said Ms. A.

Netizen responds

actor k abortion

After the accusation, netizens was filled with wrath and rushed to search for Actor K’s identity. By this morning on October 18, Sports Kyunghang published a blurred photo of the actor in this scandal.

Immediately, netizens recognized that the actor in the photo was actor Kim Seon Ho, who are famous and known for his role in a hit korean drama Hometown Cha- Cha-Cha, starring Shin Min Ah. This fact hasn’t yet be confirmed, however if it’s true, then lots of fans will be completely disappointed.

actor k abortion

This is a shocking fact for many people because Kim Seon Ho has a warm and gentle personal brand image, totally opposite with what type of guy that Ms. A accused of. Currently the actor hasn’t say anything about these accusations.

Facts is yet to be confirmed

Even though the facts has yet to be confirmed, many netizen all over the world has spoken negative comments and even swear words to Kim Seon ho. We wish Kim Seon Ho will be able to handle the pressure, be strong and hope to hear from SALT Entertainment, Kim seon ho’s agency, about this controversy.

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