Korea Army and Travel Community

KOREA ARMY is South Korea Lovers community. Whether you are a Korea Travel Lovers, Korean Drama Lovers, Kpop lovers, Kpop idol lovers, Korean fashion lovers, korean beauty lovers, korean coffee or loving anything about south korea, then you are INCLUDED.

We might live in various different country all over the world, yet We share SAME interest, SAME dreams and SAME desire to travel, work, love and live in our beloved SOUTH KOREA Country. Even though we love different areas of Korea, either travel, culture, history, products or service, yet we all have ONE dream, ONE desire and ONE hope is to be able to enjoy South Korea to the full. 

That’s how this website was born, to share some information to our community that love all different aspect of South Korea. You’ll notice that the post available in this website is not just about travel, but also culture, dating, daily life, cafes, dramas, food, beauty and kpop.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the Largest South Korea Army (community) and Korea Traveler Community that provides the best information and complete guide to South Korea, including Korea culture, basic information, Travel guide and activities we all can do and experience as we travel south korea.

Our Mission

Our mission is to creates bonds between all Korea Army (lovers) and Korea travel community all over the world. We are also highly appreciated all amazing content creators, photographers, event company all over the world that promote South Korea to the world.

Global Authority

We are a Korea Travel Media focus on providing all informations about South Korea Travel News, Guide, Korean Drama site, news and travel information, serving a Korea Army (lovers) and travel community from all over the world both western and eastern world with most audience are female 19-34 years old.

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We offers an advertisement service based on client needs, we help photographers and company to raise the awareness, engagement, and conversion that benefit both korea army and advertisers by promote through our website and social media account. 

You can sent us an email with the Subject of Instagram Shout Out (Korea Travel Content), Instagram Paid Promote (Korea product / Service Content), Collaboration (For Partnership with Us creating the content) or Web Advertisement (for advertise in our website).

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